5th & 6th Grade

faithstudies logowebAs part of the Eternal Life Studies, the 5th and 6th grades are called “Faith Studies.”  The Faith Studies will focus on doing something with their faith from what they learned in the core foundations of the Old Testament and New Testament via The Children of God & The Christ Studies. The goal is for students to fully understand who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit really are and what God has revealed through the Scriptures concerning them.  From this understanding, students should begin to “own” their faith, consider strongly becoming a Christian, and begin living the Christian life.  Students will be better able to define their faith through the evidence discussed.  The Faith Studies will enable and equip each student’s foundation in The Bible to own their Faith and prepare each for the next studies in 7th through 12th Grade.

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Sunday Eternal Life Studies

Quarter 5th Grade 6th Grade
Fall How do you know God is real? Behold! The Lamb of God
Winter How do I know the Bible is from God? Behold! The Word of God
Spring Truth Be Told Agonizing and Glory of the Cross
Summer Am I ready to be baptized? I'm a Christian, what's next?

Wednesday Eternal Life Studies

Quarter Boys & Girls Seperate - Year 1 Boys & Girls Seperate - Year 2
Fall Surveying the Evidence Surrendering to His Lordship
Winter In Defense of the Bible's Inspiration The Church
Spring Anvil Rings Vol 1 - Answers to alleged Bible Discrepancies The Big Picture: A Guide To Learning The Bible's Story
Summer Anvil Rings Vol2 - Answers to alleged Bible Discrepancies Into the Abundant Live