Teen Ministry

bygYouth Ministry

The Buford Youth Ministry exists to reach non-believing teens (in house and outside), to connect them with other Christians, to help them grow in their faith, and to challenge the growing to discover their ministry and honor God with their life.

Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to point all mankind toward Jesus. We also want our teens to know how to appropriately handle God's word! Through a good understanding of the word of God, we can then have a true relationship with Jesus. This relationship starts with the hearing of God's word, an understanding of our own sinful nature, a repentance of our sinful ways, and the washing away of our sins through the waters of baptism.

Our Focus

"It is not about us. It is about HIM." This provides a constant reminder of why we are here, who we serve, and what we are all called to do. Our teens will be heavily involved in service activities throughout the entire year and having this focus will allow us to constantly remember that Jesus died for ALL.

Who we are

We are the teens from the Buford Church of Christ! We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. We strive to be people who belong to Jesus and our aim is to be guided by His will. We realize we are far from perfect in our attempt to follow Jesus, and thus we gratefully acknowledge that we are saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus in being baptized for the remission of our sins. We understand we can only be right as we submit in faithful obedience to the will of God as given through His Son, Jesus Christ.

What we do

The Buford Teens never stop moving! Our calendar contains opportunities for our teens to grow spiritually and as people. If you would like a deeper understanding and view of what we do and what we are all about, then check out our teen website - just click the image below!