Junior Leaders

JrLDR logowebWe begin training our younger children, using the Junior Leaders program. As part of Junior Leaders, children in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade hear lessons about Godly leaders whose stories we find in the Bible. The children are also encouraged to learn the names of the books of the Bible and given the opportunity to serve others through Good Samaritan projects each month. The children in this group can also start training in areas like song leading, speech and public Bible reading.

Annually, Buford hosts the Leaderette Tea and Lads Celebration, where all participants can take a part and Buford members can show their support. By using the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes Junior Leaders program, those interested can also participate in the National Convention held each Spring, where congregations of the church of Christ gather for a unique and uplifting experience. The Junior Leaders can participate in non-competitive events and also display their artistic abilities by creating themed artwork in a variety of formats.

Buford Elders want to encourage our membership to become involved in this program through prayer, participating in the workshops, being a coordinator, and by using your talents in serving God. There are workshops that Parents and Youth can participate in together!