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    Find out more about our Global Mission efforts! As we receive reports from the mission field, they are now made available to you. Use these articles to get to know our missionaries, what efforts they are involved with and how you can be praying for them.

Global Missions

worldmapIn order to follow the command of Jesus to spread God's word to all of the world, the church supports missionaries and groups that are willing to take the message of Christ and His church into all parts of the world. We have listed the mission efforts we are involved with. Please pray for these efforts and the good health and safety for those who serve. 

If you have any interest in knowing more about our current works in these countries around the world, please feel free to contact the church office. 


Edu Okorie (Nigeria) - Most Recent Article

Jerry Hogg (Africa) - Most Recent Article

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Chi Ekwenye - Susanna Homes (Nigeria) - Most Recent Article  Article following Buford Mission Trip

Robert Martin (Fiji - PIBC) - Visit Buford's PIBC website page

Stacey Ferguson (Fiji - PIBC) - Visit Buford's PIBC website page

John Farber (Latin American Missions) - Most Recent Article

Raji Stephan (Israel) - Most Recent Article

Scott Tominey (Scotland) - Visit Buford's website page

Asia Agape - Visit Buford's website page

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Reynaldo Dominguez (Nicaragua) - Most Recent Article

Mani A Pagidipalli (India) - Most Recent Update