Philippines - Noah White

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July 16th

Tuesday was an even better day than Monday.
All of the 2 person teams are going through the neighborhoods of the town, knocking on doors and meeting people on the street.  It has been a very different experience for me and I am having to learn quickly!
My interpreter, Pol, and I had 3 Bible studies on Tuesday.  One, a lady named Rewan, was very receptive to the message.  She was very deep in her Catholic belief but by the grace of God she was able to understand the clear message of the scriptures.  After the lesson she asked to be baptized, and we gladly assisted her.  What a feeling, to see someone put on the Lord in baptism!  The team has had a total of 38 baptisms this week.  It’s been fantastic!
Pol is a wonderful Christian who helps this young American through the rough spots.  I don’t think I could do it without him.  If fact, I know I couldn’t.
I have been eating well…mostly chicken prepared different ways.  And lots of rice!  But I'm not complaining. It's food and I'm blessed.  Yesterday I had coconut milk right out of the coconut.  It was delicious.  I’ve also tried guava, and the pineapple here is amazing.
I did have one interesting experience yesterday.  We were walking through an alley way in between huts.  Some ducks were following us, and all of a sudden 2 of the ducks flew in and started nibbling on me.  Pol was on the ground laughing.  I told them I watched “Duck Dynasty,” but it didn’t seem to help.
Thanks again for all your prayers and support.  God is certainly good, and He proves it here in the Philippines everyday.

July 15

After nearly missing our connection in Tokyo on Friday, we made it into Manila a little after 9pm.  After a good night’s rest, we headed out for the Pacific Theological College  where we were guests at the wedding of one of the teachers.
On Sunday, our group split into four smaller groups to visit congregations in the area.  My group went to Kilmasan and Laoac.  At Laoac preached for the first time.  I thought I'd need a translator so I shortened it but it ended up I didn't need one so it was about a 10 minute lesson.
There were 12 baptisms at the various congregations on Sunday, a good way to start the week!
On Monday we conducted a medical mission, seeing to the various needs of the Binmaley community.  There were 200+ patients throughout the day, everything from the common cold to a man who needed an amputation (he was advised to seek help from a hospital).  We handed out over 1500.  I helped pass out medicine and also went to the market to buy water for the patients.
As the patients came in and registered, they were asked if they might want a Bible study.  From those efforts, another 4 put on the Lord in baptism!
Tuesday is our first day of doorknocking.  I am as ready as I will ever be! Thank you all for your prayers.

July 12th

So I'm safe and sound in the Philippines. After running through the Tokyo airport and a longggg flight, I'm here. Dead tired and ready for some sleep, but excited to start working for the Lord.

Panama - LAM - Pat Owens

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July 9th

Day 3 of the mission trip. Today was an interesting trip. The team went different directions. Success occurred by all. It rained but the walls are & the framework for the roof of the children's new classroom went up. The inside of the church building's walls was plastered. All has to be plastered before they can have electricity. Bible were held in the morning & afternoon. Two classes with our precious children. Today they learned about Jonah. Tonight the lesson was about Jesus feeds the 5000. The children listened and worked hard on their activities. We did have a van to break down but the starter is fixed. Pray for success. Love and thank you for your prayers

July 8th

Today was a good! Sleep does wonders. We taught two classes today! The classes are good! The children want to learn! Tonight after worship they put on a play for us about Dorcus! So good? The weather is cool!

July 7th

Mission trip… We sat on the runway from 5:30 to almost 7p.m. We were waiting for the lighting to stop so that they could finish boarding & loading the luggage. We arrived at Panama around 10ish. The trip to Boquete by car is only 6 hrs. By bus, it took until 9a.m. to get here. The team went right to work. We knocked doors. My team had families come tonight. Worship was tonight. There were 30 children to hear the lesson on the baptism of Jesus. There was a large group of adults. Please continue to keep the team in your prayers. Good day. The battle belongs to The Lord.

Nicaragua - Erin Simons

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Erin is interning as a studen missionary in Managua, Nicaragua. She is working with the brethren at the Leon Congregation. She arrived on Tuesday, May 21st and will be returning Friday, July 26th. Pray for her success. You can follow her blog at

Montepuez, Africa - Ben Sitton

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wow! What a fast 6 weeks it has been! After spending time with the missionaries in Montepuez we went to the beach in Pemba to relax before we headed home. During  my time in Mozambique I preached four times and was able to play with children as well as see God working in the people of Mozambique. Thank you all for the support and for keeping me in your prayers!

Wednesday, June 12th

What a weekend it was! I spent the weekend in a village with a local church member named Armindo. I slept in a mud hut on a bamboo mat. Next week I will be off to Tanzania on a survey trip among the Maku-Metto people to find new locations for the existing missionaries.

Tuesday, June 4th

This past week has been one of the busiest weeks we have had here. We have been going to village Bible studies almost every day and one of my teammates and I actually had the opportunity to preach on Sunday which was great! (We drove like two hours out to church.

New Zealand - Pacific Islands Effort 2013

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ScottJennywebSaturday - 6/8/13

Anticipating a glorious Lord's Day at Morningside church of Christ in Auckland, New Zealand tomorrow. Worship before God, reunion with many long-time friends, three preaching opportunities and conclusion to a busy week of classes on Hermeneutics in the afternoon. I hope all my Auckland family and friends can come and be with us tomorrow.

Monday - 6/3: Scott Harp

Nineteen people were in attendance the opening evening of the Pacific Islands Bible College in the country of New Zealand. More are expected at the class this evening at the South Auckland church of Christ. The class is devoted to how one should go about studying the Bible, or a study of hermeneutics. It is the first course that is offered in the PIBC curriculum, and is being met with good response.

A typical class begins with reading some passages from Psalm 119, followed by a prayer. Then presentation of my prepared material on the subject follows to complete the first hour of study. Then, we stop for a cup of tea, a New Zealand tradition. The last hour of study is completed with applying practical Bible Study skills looking at the book of Philippians. So, the two hours of study each evening is packed with information, and discussion on how to make the Bible one’s friend, companion, tool for Christian service, and sharped sword for defense of the gospel

Wednesday - 5/29: Scott Harp

Just a quick word to say that we arrived in New Zealand just fine this morning. Long flight! We are tired, but have gotten to Jenny's dad's house. Enjoying catching up. Should be heading back to Auckland in a couple of days to get ready to begin my work.

Monday - 5/27:

Scott and Jenny Harp are traveling to New Zealand. They were in San Francisco around 4pm on Monday, 5/27. They head out later tonight for New Zealand! Scott will be teaching classes in the Pacific Islands Bible College there. Pray for this effort, as they try and establish the College in New Zealand. More updates will be coming!

China Trip 2013

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Saturday - June 8th

The team has made it back to Buford! They arrived at 8:45am this morning. Smiles on their faces and many stories already beginning to be told! We will share their photos and stories in the days ahead. May God continue to bless them and the fruits of their labors.

Thursday - June 6th

TRAVEL HOME: The group begins their travels home beginning at 6pm EST on 6/6. Their first flight is at 3am EST on 6/7. They are expected to land in Atlanta at 7am EST on 7/8. Continue to keep them in your prayers.

From Emma Taylor . . . Today started out pretty normal. But in the afternoon, the whole group went to a lake about 30 minutes away. The lake was absolutely gorgeous; it was surrounded by mountains, and the picture really doesn't do it justice. So we all jumped in, and the temperature was perfect. We were there for a couple hours and came back to the care center one last time. We spent some more time playing with the kids and drawing with them. We gave the girls bracelets, and the boys candy. They also enjoyed playing with the frisbees we brought! After dinner, it was time to say goodbye to the kids. That's when it hit me that I may never see these kids again. It's very bittersweet because I have absolutely loved being with the kids the past two weeks, but I also miss home. The kids gave us all kinds of little letters and gifts they had made themselves, including 1,000 paper cranes and water lily origami. After about a thousand hugs and high fives, it was time to go. We had written letters to every kid in the care center, so hopefully they'll be getting those soon!

Wednesday - June 5th

From Emma Taylor. . .We actually won't be able to go to Vietnam, but being in China requires you to be flexible, so it's ok. Today was a pretty chill day at the care center. We ate all three meals there (rice again--shocker). With the kids in school, we don't get as much time with them. But they have breaks where we just hang out with them for a little. I played some more ping-pong with them. Everyone in our group was very tired today, I guess it's all starting to catch up with us now. We actually had our own naptime during the kid's naptime, which was helpful. A few of the guys went out on the street to find chains for the swing we built outside the care center. Then after the school got out at 6:00 there was a soccer game. We went out again on the streets tonight, where I had lamb and fried bread; it was absolutely wonderful.
Tomorrow we're going to some pond/lake/clean body of water to swim in, instead of taking a 3 hour bus ride to Vietnam. Then we'll spend the rest of the day with the kids, meaning we'll have to say goodbye to's a sad thought because they are so sweet and I know I will miss them.

Saturday - June 1st

EmmawebFrom Emma Taylor . . . Today, me, Will, and Mrs. Jenny were chosen to visit 2 of the kids homes. Some of the kids here have family; it's better for them to live at the care center, but occasionally they go visit them every once and a while. So we traveled maybe 30 minutes in a tiny van to basically the slums of Tiandeng. The coolest part was that at the little girl's house, the dad invited us into his house. He weaves baskets and sells them, so we complimented him on them. Then, he gave Mrs. Jenny and Will two of the baskets he had already made. There wasn't another one, so he said he would be glad to make me one! So I literally watched him, for probably over an hour or so, weave the basket that I'll be taking home with me! It's pretty awesome. Then they fixed lunch for us, even though we already ate. We don't know what the meat in the noodles were..but we had to eat it. We kept declining everything they offered, but they had never seen Americans before and were so honored that we were there, so they insisted. We ended up being gone from the care center for about 8 hours..they really didn't want us to leave. So it was a very interesting day! I got to see more of China, which was nice. It was a very uncomfortable, but good experience.