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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wow! What a fast 6 weeks it has been! After spending time with the missionaries in Montepuez we went to the beach in Pemba to relax before we headed home. During  my time in Mozambique I preached four times and was able to play with children as well as see God working in the people of Mozambique. Thank you all for the support and for keeping me in your prayers!

Wednesday, June 12th

What a weekend it was! I spent the weekend in a village with a local church member named Armindo. I slept in a mud hut on a bamboo mat. Next week I will be off to Tanzania on a survey trip among the Maku-Metto people to find new locations for the existing missionaries.

Tuesday, June 4th

This past week has been one of the busiest weeks we have had here. We have been going to village Bible studies almost every day and one of my teammates and I actually had the opportunity to preach on Sunday which was great! (We drove like two hours out to church.

When we get there, what they do here is, they announce the order of the service once everybody is there. I found out I was going to preach!)


And today (6/4), we witnessed a brother and sister be baptized into Christ.
I am going to be living with a family in their village this weekend.

Wednesday, May 29th

Today we went to a village called Nakukah, and had a meeting with the church there. We then met this guy named Domingo who is the leader of the church in Cabo Delgado and he is looking for a partner to work with him for outreach purposes and what not. Then we met some more of the church leaders from neighboring villages! A really popular food is shema which is a cornmeal mush type things and they usually give you something to eat it with like to dip it in and it's usually beans or something like that.