Nicaragua Mission Trip 2016

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HEduardo HallieALLIE WHITESIDES . . . Over the course of the week I learned many things about love! We should love God, love yourself, and love others. There was one person that specifically showed me love and his name was Eduardo. Eduardo has one of the kindest and gentlest souls that I have ever met. He had so much love and joy to share. Eduardo always had a smile on his face even though he had nothing. The song “Every Time” has a verse that says “every time I see a child, I see the gentleness of my Lord.” Children are a blessing and a beautiful creation of God. I could see God through Eduardo, even at the age of 9. God puts people in our life for a reason, sometimes to teach us something. Eduardo did just this to me. He taught me LOVE. The Bible says, “ Three things remain; faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Eduardo, he is love.

ABBEY HOWARD . . . My favorite memory from Nicaragua were the three times we went to schools in the neighborhood. We had the opportunity to go into several classrooms, act out Bible lessons such as Noah or Daniel in the Lions Den, sing in English to the kids, and play outside with them! It was so much fun interacting with so many kind and sweet children.

CHRISTI HOWARD . . . My favorite part was the beautiful children. Did you know that 39% of the population in Nicaragua is under the age of 13! What an opportunity to reach these young hearts. Also, it was a blessing to see how involved Buford Church has been over the years with the Leon Church. So many of our members have gone multiple times to Leon, and the support given is incredible and long lasting!

JENNIFER FANCHER . . . I’ve always heard how mission trips will change the way you view the world and that they will have a huge impact on your life... and that’s the truth and nothing but the truth. This trip contained a lot of firsts for me such as my first mission trip, first flight, first time out of the country and my first time cooking spam (by the way, I’m an expert now). The excitement I had building up for this trip was huge, I’ve heard nothing but great things about Nicaragua. While working in the kitchen, I learned so many things about cooking, skinning fruit and about the way of life in Nicaragua. Once every pot and pan was scrubbed after lunch, we got the chance to interact with the locals. That’s when my life was put into perspective. I have always thought that I am a content and happy person, but when we visited the school to play with the kids, the first thing out of my mouth was a complaint that the soccer ball was flat. It took me about 2 seconds to realize that the only person who was bothered by that was me. Once we started running and playing I realized we could be kicking a marble around and the amount of fun we were having would still be the same. The happiness and joy came from each child was infectious and it’s something you would have to experience to truly understand the power of it. Coming back home and realizing you might be an ungrateful person was a lesson I was not planning on learning, but it’s one that I will never forget.

STAN QUINN . . . A benefit of returning to the same location in Nicaragua every few years is the opportunity to build relationships with fellow Christians and those in the community. Connie and I were able to work together directly during this campaign moreso than on any prior campaign due to her prior VBS responsibilities. Our primary focus this time was to work with those who had fallen away. In addition to this, we were able to evangelize several family members who had never been converted to Christ. The influence that families have in a congregation is profound and we see the great potential in several families there in Azarias (Benito, Clarita and Bryan; Francisco and his family; Petronas and her family to name a few). Additionally, God blessed us with the opportunity of studying with a young couple. We not only studied about the Good News but also on what God desires in marriage from both husbands and wives. These studies ended up with a decision on their part to marry and the wife (Kenia) made a decision to be immersed into Christ. Follow-up studies continue with the husband (Lester). That family (including two little girls) is now on a different path. We were blessed to work with German Guevara from the Hispanic congregation that meets in our building during the week. German and I were invited to a study on the last day of the campaign. It was with a family who had several members attending a denomination with others attending the congregation we support. We noted during the study how these folks were literally starving for the word of God. A short time later, they set the table and provided us with lunch. I consummed the largest bowl of Chicken Soup that I have ever enjoyed. What a great trade! Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to the Great Commission! Romans 10:14-17

Thursday, 7/14

Let me describe in numbers what happened yesterday at the medical clinic. From 8-5 in one day 290 patients were seen. 1096 prescriptions were filled. 33 teeth were extracted. Reading glasses were given to the elderly. 63 Bible studies occurred. 7 people were baptized and 60 children came to our evening class. What an amazing event to behold!

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Day 3 at the medical clinic and we act out Bible stories in the evening. Abbey picked a cute partner! Any excuse to hole these precious little ones!! - Christi Howard

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Day 2 I am in love with these children! - Christi Howard

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July 9th, Saturday - Arrived and setting up for the clinic

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July 8th, Friday

During the week of July 8 - 16, twenty-five members of the Buford congregation and Igesia de Cristo en Buford traveled to Leon to assist in an evangelistic and medical campaign conducted by Latin American Missions.  Through the planting and watering of God's word and with His increase, the Azarias congregation will be strengthened spiritually and in number.  Through our medical services, the physical needs of many will be met which will provide an avenue by which we can share the true need that we each have - a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please keep our team in your prayers!
They will have limited internet to send updates. More will be posted upon their return.

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