Panama - LAM - Pat Owens

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July 9th

Day 3 of the mission trip. Today was an interesting trip. The team went different directions. Success occurred by all. It rained but the walls are & the framework for the roof of the children's new classroom went up. The inside of the church building's walls was plastered. All has to be plastered before they can have electricity. Bible were held in the morning & afternoon. Two classes with our precious children. Today they learned about Jonah. Tonight the lesson was about Jesus feeds the 5000. The children listened and worked hard on their activities. We did have a van to break down but the starter is fixed. Pray for success. Love and thank you for your prayers

July 8th

Today was a good! Sleep does wonders. We taught two classes today! The classes are good! The children want to learn! Tonight after worship they put on a play for us about Dorcus! So good? The weather is cool!

July 7th

Mission trip… We sat on the runway from 5:30 to almost 7p.m. We were waiting for the lighting to stop so that they could finish boarding & loading the luggage. We arrived at Panama around 10ish. The trip to Boquete by car is only 6 hrs. By bus, it took until 9a.m. to get here. The team went right to work. We knocked doors. My team had families come tonight. Worship was tonight. There were 30 children to hear the lesson on the baptism of Jesus. There was a large group of adults. Please continue to keep the team in your prayers. Good day. The battle belongs to The Lord.