Noah White in the Philippines 2014

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June 9, 2014

Noah and the rest of the Philippine mission team will be leaving for home at about 9am Georgia time Monday (9pm Manila time). Again, would appreciate your prayers for a safe journey.

June 7, 2014

Today was a very long day and I'm very tired. We spent a lot of time with PTC Students at PTC and it was a fantastic day filled with happiness and fellowship. The CHC child haven kids joined us and I played with them a while. Final report coming tomorrow. Goodnight!! God is so good!!! 

"Na ito ang inyong totoong ikinagagalak, bagama't ngayo'y sa sangdaling panahon, kung kailangan, ay pinalumbay kayo sa muli't muling pagsubok. Upang ang pagsubok sa inyong pananampalataya na lalong mahalaga kay sa ginto na nasisira bagama't ito'y sinusubok sa pamamagitan ng apoy, ay masumpungan sa ikapupuri at ikaluluwalhati at ikararangal sa pagpapakahayag ni Jesucristo."
- 1 Peter 1:6,7

So today was another great day. I personally had 2 baptisms and our whole mission team had 17!!! This brings our breathtaking total to 80 baptisms and 329 students. That means 1 in every 4 students have accepted Christ and been added to his church!!! This makes me so happy, knowing we can give this people hope that no matter what happens in their life they're promised eternal life and no worries in heaven when their physical body dies. No pain, no struggles, no temptations. Only God and perfection. One day these people who remain in their faith will live forever with him. That gives me so much joy and happiness that I feel I need to scream it to the world. We had a gospel meeting today at the new church in Sual, Philippines. Lots of singing and fellowship and teaching. I had to leave half way through to go film a baptism from Chad, 3 to be exact. They had traveled many kilometers, or miles, and showed up at the gospel meeting for this bible study. They were seeking God and some kind of truth, and they found it!!!! Today was our last day of evangelism and we do a Sing-spiration tomorrow at PTC followed by church services on Sunday. I only have 3 days left in this amazing place filled with amazing people seeking one great truth and savior. I can't wait to return and I hope I do it soon. Despite the 15-18 hour days, I love it. So much. I'd continue doing this every day if I could. I live for the moment of realization these men and women have when they find God and Jesus Christ. I can't wait until next year. Please continue praying for a safe trip and safe travels home, we leave Monday. Thank you to those praying already.

God is so good all the time!!!

June 6, 2014

So today was fantastic, as I said earlier. One of my studies turned into a baptism. I had 7 students today over 4 bible studies. The totals for our whole mission team this week have now reached a staggering 305 students that we have reached out to, and 63 baptisms in only 4 days. God has blessed us with such amazing success. Rather 1 or a million, a soul saved is a new soul added to the church. I have 4 days left in this gorgeous place. I'm hoping and praying very hard that I return here not just with the next year's mission trip, but more often with those that return around 6 months out of the year. This place has truly touched my heart an strengthened a spirit I thought was once hopeless. I came last year in hopes that I would not only help others who needed it, but I completed my search for a living spirit. I have now realized I have one and a new search has begun to learn more and grow in Christ through the word. The work is never done here in the Philippines, the work is never done anywhere. There will always be more. I have fellow shipped and laughed with everyone here, Filipino and American. I'm dreading my return to America, however I'm excited to see family and friends again. These are very special friends I've made through Christ and the fellowship the Christian mission supplies. I'm praying very hard for a successful rest of trip and safe journey home, and I request you continue praying. Thank you to those who have.

Attached is a picture of the house of Rosé Ann, our baptism today. She lives off a road called "Zig Zag Road" that zig zags (go figure) through the mountains. The land surrounding the house is beautiful, and it ( The house) makes a fantastic centerpiece of the picture.

God is so good in so many ways all the time!!!!!

June 4, 2014

Well another very successful day. Today our mission team totaled 13 baptisms and 87 individuals we studied with. That brings our total to 49 baptisms and 245 individuals studied with! God is so good!!!!! It was a very very hot day as we walked around without any shade or anything. It wasn't quite the temperature as yesterday (115•F), but without the shade it sure felt it! I personally studied with 7 individuals yet sadly had 0 baptisms. But we planted the seed and that's what's important. We preached the gospel and people know. We're having another day of door to door evangelism and then a half day on Friday, followed by a Gospel meeting (also on Friday) at the new congregation. Our daily routine lasts from about 5:00 am- 8:30 pm so I'm very exhausted, again! Please continue to pray for the best results and a special thank you to those who have been praying. God is absolutely miraculous and I'm excited to preach the word for another 4 days!!!!

June 3, 2014

Well God has blessed us with yet another fantastic day of work here in the Philippines. The sun was hot (around 110 degrees fahrenheit) but we worked through and led another 17 lost souls down the important path of salvation. This means our... total for the week is 36 baptisms in just 2 WORK DAYS. That's phenomenal!!! We start individual door-to-door bible studies tomorrow. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings. I'm now headed to bed after a 13 hour day, but it was so worth it and I plan to continue having those days. Please continue praying as we began community evangelism and for safety. Thank you! God is so good!!!! 

Attached is a picture of an adorable little girl who was playing with her mom's glasses. Her mom was baptized!!!

June 2, 2014

Keeping it short today, I'm extremely exhausted. To sum up today we helped approximately 200 patients. God has blessed our group with the opportunity to lead 19 lost souls to Christ through baptism, and it's only day 1!!! I met a young boy ...(8 years old) who could not walk, he was hit by a car 3 years ago. His story is heartbreaking, but to see the beautiful smile the boy keeps will give you hope and make you feel guilty for every complaint you've ever made. (I've attached a picture). His mom and grandmother put on Christ through baptism today, amen!! There's more fantastic baptism stories that I will have to post about tomorrow, I'm calling it a night. Thank you for everyone's prayers and I'm requesting they continue. They help!!! I love this place so much. God is so good!!!! 

June 1, 2014

"Day of preaching over. It was very successful today. I preached to 18 adults and 6 children today. It was an interesting experience, as I had to have a translator. I'm very grateful for my Filipino brethren as I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. Can't wait to start the medical mission tomorrow!! Continue to pray for us please!" 

I know how it is with a translator!

May 31, 2014

Noah and the gang are in the Philippines. After a night in Manila, they went to Dagupan City where they'll be beginning their work. Noah preaches tomorrow morning (which is just a few hours away over there).