Nigeria - Susana Homes Summer 2014

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June 23, 2014

From Chi . . .Khan AcademyScreen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.21.56 AM

Dear Wonderful Family,
Lots of Love from all of us! Today is day 1 of Khan Academy. It’s better seen than imagined and who would have thought! Professor Howard of University of North Georgia and our own Civil Engineer— Stanley Adiele launched the Khan Academy (free on line educational curriculum for the world) today. How true it is that with the Lord, all things are possible!

Professor Howard comes to us from the Buford Church of Christ, in Buford, Georgia. He is the brain behind this rare gift to ones such as us. Professor Howard, his sons James and Jonathan, came to Susana Homes for the first time in the summer of 2012. Having spent 6 full weeks with us, I guess it dawned on him how much the students of Right Steps Christian Schools at Susana Homes needed some kind of broader and more practical education.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.22.05 AMSo in addition to continuing his Entrepreneurship God’s Way, he founded the Khan Academy program and has brought it to us. If you have spent any time at all in Nigeria, you will realize just how important it is that business and any other kind of work for that matter are done God’s way! For Entrepreneurship God’s Way, this year the 8th, 10th, and 11th graders of Right Steps Christian School @ Susana Homes are making interlocking pavers and concrete flowerpots. While Professor Howard and some of the teachers of RSCS are in Khan Academy, James—a Harding University-­‐bound freshman (come August), oversees the welding of the interlocking pavers mold. Both our boys and girls participate in this and the girls can’t believe they are allowed to handle saws and rebar etc. But they are and are getting better at it. Jonathan Howard, (Mr. President himself) supervises the making of the pavers although little Davie keeps getting in the way! Jonathan has, in spite of Davie’s interruptions, still made up to 500 of these with his students.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 9.22.13 AMWhat better lessons could our children receive? They are learning in their classrooms as well as getting to work with their hands. But more than anything else, they are getting leadership, character, and citizenship education, all in one
package! James and Jonathan’s love for the Lord, which has brought them to Nigeria for the second time, are so apparent that our young ones just hang on them all day long. Their humility, obedience to their father’s words, and their dedication to their goals for this trip are life-­‐long lessons that we hope our children will never forget.

We want to thank the Buford Church of Christ in Buford, Georgia for making this trip possible. We also want to thank Professor Howard’s family—those he left behind in Georgia—our Auntie Christi, and young Abi and Hannah for sharing him and James and Jonathan—with us this summer. We can never thank you enough. We also thank the Board of Directors of Right steps Inc., in Atlanta, Georgia, for providing the materials with which all this work is being done. Thank you all for loving us and caring the way you do. May the Rewarder of all good deeds never forget your good works as you have helped us and are continuing to help us!

June 19, 2014

From Director of Susanna Homes to the boys mother. "Dear Dear Sista! Just wanted to let you know your boys are OK and doing what they love most--serving others! I truly am proud of you and the work God has enabled you to do in your sons. I have no doubt their father must e proud of them and their love for Christ. I will give anything to have my sons


turn out like these two. I know you are missing them and it looks like our gain is your loss right now. And so I do want to let you know that our God is not unjust. He sees all your give up for His kingdom and He will be sure to reward you in His own good time. please give our love to your girls and you three take care of yourselves until the boys are bak. We love you and we are so thankful that they are here.

James Quad wanted me to be sure and ssend you this photo. If you see it, that means it attached. If you don't, then it did not and I will try again.

Lots of Love, dear Sista!"

June 12, 2014

James, James IV and Johathan Howard have gone to work at an orphanage in Nigeria for 6 weeks. They departed on the plane on Tuesday, 6/10, and we just heard they have arrived safely in Nigeria and with EVERYTHING! They had 7 crates loaded with everything from computers to solar panels to concrete mixing trays! Please continue to pray for their safety and also the success of this mission trip. To try and set up an online computer lab with no electricity and no internet will be a challenge!