China Agape 2014

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July 15, 2014

cave chinaToday was our last day, and for me it was filled with hard goodbyes and horrible procrastination for packing.  Tonight has to be a short email, but I I will hopefully find wifi in Beijing to share with you this wonderful last day! We said goodbyes to our wonderful kids, and also went to a cave today.  Apparently this cave is the number one cave in the world? I'm not sure but I'll find out when we get home! I miss google!!!! - Katie Jansen

July 14, 2014

Today was another beautifully amazing day in China.  We just received news of 4 more brothers today! (I think.. I know it makes a total of 16 siblings).  One of them was happy (finally :)).  

When we got to the center it was around 8:30am and we played around with the kids some.  The weather today (as told by all of the Americans except me and mrs.  Kim) had said NO rain...none.  None at all (keep this in mind). Well the second we got to the center all the kids started talking about the mountain! So john asked if today before lunch we could climb the mountain. All the kids were semi excited and had lots off energy. The second we left 9 boys shot off ahead and basically ran all the way to the mountain.  Myself and the other 3 Texas girls (Jenae, Jenessa and Ashley) stayed together to pace ourselves.  I asked Josie how long of a climb it was and she said 45 minutes. So of course I expected a tiny hill, however this was not the case..... In the photo above we did see the mountain and it looked HUGE. (Yes I will admit, climbing mountains Is not my forte so maybe I am just a sissy... But it was pretty big for me).  We walked to the foot of the mountain and started to take winding roads to the top, after about 10 minutes of small gradual inclines the kids took off running to a small corner  in the woods which held these stairs COVERED in grass and plants.  Jenessa is allergic to poison Ivy and grass usually bothers me, but we climbed up these stairs with no problem except the fact that there wasn't much room to walk.  The kids enjoyed the challenge of having to walk around all the grass and bushes... I was just doing good to breathe and not fall over.  After we got about 1/2 up the mountain the stairs ended and a small open area came up leading us further up the mountain.  What was disappointing is we looked down a path to see a road that lead all the way down the mountain and the stairs weren't necessary... The kids just liked them.

We started the inclines up the mountain and man they were tough.  I was doing good for about 10 minutes of just walking up, but soon after that I was having a hard time breathing and needed to rest.  After the first rest, myself and the three other girls needed many more just to make it up as far as we could.  Eventually we all ended up at the back of the group slowly walking up the inclines.  We could see the view of all the mountains through some of the trees, but that was all we could see. The picture above was 3 minutes from where we reached our highest.

Once we reached the "top"(it wasn't the top, but it was as high as we could go. Nothing else was safe enough to go on) the clouds burst open with rain.  There had been slight rain drops before but NOTHING like this.  Rain poured all over us and once we reached the too we took shelter at the Buddhist temple.  I'm so glad it rained because if it had been any hotter I don't think I physically could've made it to the top.  
The temple was amazing .... It was beautiful and surrounded by statues and red carpets.  Across this building was am open one where kids seemed to be practicing Kung fu!!!!! This little spot on the mountain was so cool!!! We stared to climb further but the rain made the roads dangerous so we turned around to get the kids back before lunch. The rain blasted down onto us, it didn't stop until after we got back.  We slowly trudged through the pouring rain, down the mountain, down the slick roads and onto the mile walk back to the care center.  We were all drenched in water at this point and were kind miserable.  But this was truly an amazing experience.  By the time we got back to the care center we were all dripping wet and completely soaked as if we had all went swimming.
Today all the kids were exhausted so   After we climbed the mountain we asked Abraham to take us back to the hotel to get dry clothes (yes at this point it was still pouring).  I got back and took almost a two hour nap from being so exhausted (and I did have a nice shower).

We came back to the care center later that day and hosted a class.  I read the story aloud and Lana translated.  Afterwards we let the kids do some crafts and word searches.  

4 people studied today and we kept
Out of the office.  We tried to play but many kids were still tired and some skipped every evening plan.  After only playing with a few kids myself Connie and mom walked back to the center to rest for a bit until the others came back so we could get some slightly American food. I got french fries and a sundae!!!!! I miss food at home :( were having a hard time smiling and swallowing the rice.  
Only one more day left :( we go to a cave tomorrow to see some sights. I pretty excited to see what all it has to offer but we have a lot to fir into the schedule tomorrow.  
I am exhausted from the events today and need to rest for the busy schedule tomorrow!!!

- Katie Jansen

July 13, 2014

Five more young ladies went swimming today!!!  What a great day! - Stan Burnette

Today, although I can't say much, was truly amazing! We welcome 5 new sisters!!! (Total so far is 12!!!).  Even university students want to study, which is HUGE!  
We woke up and had class with the kids, sang songs and read! It was truly amazing. Then had the bigger class which was very beneficial as well.  
After lunch all the Americans left for the day to go shopping (me and mom are saving money for Beijing so we didn't go today). The kids have a nap time and relax time all during today so it wasn't bad that we didn't stay.  Me and mom rested and read until around 6 when we walked back to the care center.
Let me just mention that today's weather was AMAZING. In the morning there was a breeze.  We almost didn't even get sweaty at all! (Except for the end..... It just really hits you going up the hill at the end.) when we napped it actually lightly rained which kept the air feeling nice and light and cool!!!! So even when walking back to the center we stayed cool!!
Once we got to the center we accidentally missed dinner, but instead we stayed in the cool office and talked about the children's future.  The directors of Luxi care center and Tiandeng care center are all leaving.  They are wanting and NEEDing care center directors horribly, and we were trying to help.  
On Sundays the new sister need help for class. We are trying to figure out ways to allow them to have class after we leave. We have a plan, possibly having someone prepare lessons for New sisters and sending videos over. But we are trying to find people willing (and possible able to have a translator too).   We think we have an idea but are waiting for a response from the people we have in mind. These sisters need guidance to continue to help them grow :) we love them! Keep them in your thoughts.
After awhile of chatting, I left the office and played a game of volleyball with girls on one side and boys on the other.. The girls were obviously better! (I promise I'm not being overly confident) and we won! Grace and Josie (also new sisters) called our team the Chinese...(?? There were two Americans on the team haha) And the other team "Lazy pigs".   We had so much fun playing with the kids! The weather (although slightly rainy) was BEYOND perfect! I do not think I have ever felt better!!!!!
Today was truly such a great day!!!!
I'm sure it has been a little confusing me mentioning names so I'll type some names and descriptions so it'll be easier to understand.

Hope- cute little woman (31) and has helped us navigate through china.  She has been with this center for years (left last September) and knows several of them.  Hope truly planted strong seeds with these kids and we believe they have been so great because of how hope treated them! She is single and we are secretly Hoping her and Max will go out!

Max- last year was a director at the Tiandeng care center. He still is, but unfortunately is going to be changing jobs soon.  We love Max to death.  He is the perfect combo of silly, crazy, wonderful and serious and loving all at the same time!!!!! Max studied English in college and is also single. He truly has one of the greatest hearts I know of and I wish he could continue to work with the centers.  All the kids at the center call him big brother!!!

Scott - speaker at Beijing Coc.  He mostly studies in his room and has done a good job studying with the new sisters.  He's from America but came here when he saw there was a need.

Abraham and Esther - Abraham is the director and Esther is his wife.  They have four children (Issac, Grace, Gloria and Samuel). They are amazing people.  Abraham knows little English but Esther is AMAZING! I asked her once why she wasn't a teacher and she thought her English was bad!!!!! But she is so sweet and precious and has truly opened her heart to us! (As well as Abraham)

Suzanne and the girls- (Jenae- her daughter and Ashely and Jenessa both family friends). They are all from Texas!! Jenae is a senior in high school, Jenessa is going into her senior year in college and Ashley is 25 and a band teacher! They are all super awesome and super cool.  Jenae and her mom Suzanne have been here THREE times in Luxi.  They have seen these kids grow and have been an Amazing help through this trip!

Grace, Josie, Mary, Alice, Lilly, Susan, joy, Elise (now renamed to faith), Lisa, Mandy, and teacher Ye! And one more that I can't remember :(

I can't believe we only have 2 more full days here.  Wednesday morning (at 4am!!!!) we are leaving to go back to Beijing! - yes! Another bullet train ride! To tour the forbidden city and see the Great Wall!!!!
I love these kids and can't wait to make a lasting impression on these last few days!

- Katie Jansen

July 12, 2014

Today was a wonderful day!!!! We woke up later (which was amazing) and the air felt so nice! We had a nice breeze as we walked to the center today.  Once we arrived (still slightly sweaty..) we all gathered and had the class about the rich man and Lazarus.  The kids enjoyed as we gave out  beads to signify Riches (and to share them with others).  We have had some issues with kids behaviors today and yesterday.  Today tom, who is very cute, had a VERY Hard time hearing the words no and wait.  When they gave out the beads tom pushed forward to be first (knocking kids down) and even disrupted the class.  He was told to go to the back of the line and lectured by Ester, which he did not take well and ended up throwing a fit.  After not receiving anything he refused to do anything else with the Americans and didn't attend activities.  No kids except the directors kids are allowed in The directors office, well as we sat there today Tom ran in and bothered everyone.  he took phones, knocked over water bottles. And was generally unkind.  We hope tomorrow he will behave better.  Here many of the kids are not forced to attend anything. And there are no repercussions if they do not attend activities. Tom is very accustomed to bad attention and that's the only way he knows how to get it. We hope to teach him some manors while we are here, and to learn you do not disrespect people. Also the other day, several people got into fist fights.  One boy got cut across the neck with another boys nails!!!! These kids may just be stir crazy because of the hot days we've been having

Today we didn't stay long because the university students wanted to do a sports camp with the kids. So around 4 we left and walked back to the hotel for several hours.  Suzanne and her 3 girls with her have been sleeping at the care center with no clean showers or air conditioning and MOLD in their room!  Me and mom offered up our room for the night and are sleeping with Kim and Jenny!  We walked back to the hotel and showed them all our room, and waited to go to dinner.  

Before dinner we heard the good news that Elise was our new sister. we did watch! After we walked back to town and into a huge park and had dinner!!!!! It was similar to an American KFC but ummm the chicken didn't taste good.  Haha I only had a few bites.  The fries were AMAZING!!!! They were even salty and China barley believes in salt!!!!
All in all, today was another very good day.  We have a lot of progress and cannot wait for tomorrow to be with the kids again!!!! - Katie Jansen

July 11, 2014

We celebrated with three more new sisters today!  We have been so blessed to be a part of this and witness their courage!  The work has all been done by others and we have just assisted in some encouraging words so we don't take any credit. The good news is powerful wherever it is sown. Please keep these sisters in your prayers! - Stan Burnette

photo-2Today was awesome!!!!!!! I got a good amount of sleep last night, and recovered from being so overheated and dehydrated.  By 12 this afternoon I had drank 3 water bottles! Staying hydrated here is very hard.  Today was 97, but the humidity on the weather channel said it felt like 111.  The kids even said they did not want to go outside, and this morning would not even leave their rooms (this is when you know it is bad) !!!
Suzanne (the mom from the other group of Americans - they are from texas) gave the kids water guns!!! It was so funny to watch them chase each other and squirt each other with the water guns. While the kids were having fun, the Americans shelled Lima beans! Haha mom says I have a new skill (I don't think so...). During this, the "PO PO" arrived and everyone was very worried.. Luckily they were just checking out the foreigners and come every time foreigners come.
After the Lima beans all the Americans rested in the cold office (once again drenched in sweat with how hot it was).  Lunch was around 12, and we ate with all the kids.  After lunch we did a class with the kids about the good Samaritan! They loved it! We gave them bandages to help each other out, like the Samaritan.  Happy even came up to me and bandaged a cut on my arm! Hah it was so cute!

After this, the kids refused to be outside. The air was just too hot and humid, and we were all just drained. Around 1 we all decided to walk back to the hotel! I took a nap for two hours and I felt soooooo refreshed.  During "nap time" I discovered we have received 3 more sisters!!!!!!!!!!! They studied for hours.  One was a teacher, the other two were sisters of Mary (another new sister from yesterday). We are so happy!!!!!  

We sat in Kim's room during this because they said it was too hot for us all to go see (still 111 degrees, and we could not all fit in the car..). So we sat and talked in the room.  After the good news, Abraham came back and took us to the care center!  We sat around and ate lunch, played badminton and some ate watermelon! We also learned that Happy was asking questions, but said he was not mature enough at this time (he is 13). It is good he is talking to Scott though!
Afterwards we didn't stay long... Myself, Hope and Mary and another girl walked home and saw a Guô. (Dog!).  Also on this walk, Mary helped me with my Chinese and I helped her learn words like "Motorcycle, car, light, and umbrella". She helped me wit the Chinese, but it was hard.  I was happy, Hope says my Chinese gets better each day I work with the kids.  I ran into a man on accident and immediately said (sounds like) "Dway boo chee" (sorry) and hope said I was doing well, although to me it only feels like I know a few words.   
To sum up, I feel so happy to be here (although these last few days have been hot).  Everyone has been so nice and kind, and I love each and every single one of these kids. These kids are surrounded by care center directors that love them, and I know that's why they have such a good background.  To say this center is amazing is an understatement.  To these kids, this center is a wonderful place.  Sadly today, I watched as one girl cried very hard because she was forced to go home (I do not know the reason why. It could be because she failed the test, or she was just visiting) but all in all it is so sad to see these children cry because they have to go home.  I love all these children and hope the best for each and every one of them. They truly have such pure hearts, and all I want is for them to have a good future.  They truly truly deserve it.
I am going to bed early! We get to sleep in tomorrow (7:45am this time!!!!) and will be completely recovered for one more hot day! (Then starts the rain!) - Katie Jansen

Yesterday, 7/10, was hard but also super amazing! We all woke up very sleepy, but myself Ben and Stan and John all walked to the center (all the other woman rode in Abraham car!)
We already knew by the time we got to the center that it was super hot.  I was dripping sweat and needed an hour to truly cool off.  
After everyone cooled off we had class where we taught about David and Goliath! We drew kids around the Giant to show them how "tall" they were.  
After we sat and rested for a little bit, when the kids decided they wanted to go on a walk to go fishing.  We left, and it was BEYOND hot.  In fact probably hotter than I've ever been in my life.  I didn't drink a lot of water before I left, and we walked almost a total of 5 miles that day.  It was so hot, and we traveled in the hot sun across the country close to the outside of Luxi into the mountains. We walked across the back streets of Luxi and through rice fields, and old houses.  
The kids gave up on fishing since they could not find anything, and went swimming in a small  pool that was up to to the kids waists.  They loved swimming but Max even said he thought the water was too dirty so the Americans and some university students from Wu Han (they come to help kids with homework) stayed out of the water.
After all of that we walked back. When I said we were drenched in sweat, I beyond meant it.  All of our shirts were stretched out from being drenched in sweat, and I was really struggling.  (I was very dehydrated and overheated).  We walked all the way back to Abrahams house and watched as three girls (Grace, Josie and Mary) became our sisters!!!!!!! - after they spent a long time studying.
After this we took several to dinner at a place called "Happy chicken" .... Yes they sold Chicken with no bones and FRENCH FRIES.  YES!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING.  but if course before we went to happy chicken, we had to walk a mile and a half.  We walked all the way to the hotel, and then about a Half a mile to happy chicken. And sadly I was not too happy by the time we got there.  I was SO exhausted that I couldn't move.  And I forgot to mention! Before we left for Happy Chicken, I sat on a concrete block that was under trees, which was a huge mistake.... I got these stickies stuck In my leg, that stung in the whole walk back... It was beyond painful. So on top of the pain in my legs and the heat and dehydration I was really struggling.  I sat in happy chicken and would not move.... It was so good (the fries) but fine chicken was too hot and my entire body was burning so they were hard to eat.  Mom got me ice cream and I felt a little better, but I was still exhausted.  
After happy chicken I begged to sit in a taxi on the way back,.. I was just too exhausted to walk all the way back. So myself, mom and Connie all got into a taxi. But this taxi was so scary.. He didn't understand where our hotel was, and hope tried to explain it to him but the street was busy and the driver almost decided to go ahead and drive.  I kept screaming No! Because hope was trying to decide if she needed to stay with us.  
While Hope was trying to decide the driver kicked his gear to go but the car rolled backwards and bumped a man and a motorcycle!! After how panicked we all looked Hope decided to get into the Taxi because the man seemed kinda sketchy..
We luckily made it safe to the hotel and the second I got into the room I showered to get my body temp down and then get the stinging thorns out of my legs. The shower did not get anything out of my legs so I put Bite MD and tried to pull some out, but you can't see them.. And it was very painful...
After attempting to pull out the thorns for an hour I was too exhausted to write an email! I did have a wonderful day yesterday, but it was a hard one for sure! - Katie Jansen

July 10, 2014

newsisters webThree very sweet young ladies had a great day here in Luxi!  We are so proud and happy for them! Please pray for these new sisters! - Stan Burnette





 Once we got to the care center we played with the kids and talked with them again.   After their play time we split them up by age to tell them about the story of Jonah and the Big Fish.  Like I mentioned earlier Max and JJohn Iverson did a very good job of also tying in lessons about doing the right tthing.  In China kids are not taught what exactly the right   thing is (be nice to friends for an example). They really just look out  for themselves, but we are very lucky at the care center the kids are surrounded by love from Abraham and understand better than most Chinese kids.   We have a kid named Bill,, who is literally insane.  He goes non-stop all the time and even after saying NO BILL *in Chinese - he continues to mess with our things when he is not supposed to.  He is a teachers son, so he is  slightly spoiled and not very nicee.  But I still love Bill and his craziness. We have our own little language, Bill and I...  We make random noises at each other and sometimes he understands!! Hahah He is a funny kid.
china4 webA feew of the kid's I have gotten really close to are: Josie, Tori (little cute girl), a boy named  Zhou Li  Liu who is the cutest  thing ever... his laugh seriously makes me wanna sneak him into my luggage and take him! Also Grace, Mary and Sarah! They are all such wonderful kids and I love them to the bottom of my heart...  These kids have some of the purest hearts i've seen.  They are always helping me (maybe not so much Bill) but they always do want to help!! The language is not even a barrier with these good kids! They see what we are doing and hop in and copy us!

Today wee put up mini cork boards all around the building so they could hang their class work all around.  The kids were so excited to show their work!  They dragged all the americans upstairs, pinned them on  the cork boards and told us which ones were theirs!!  They were so happy to have this! And it seemed like Abraham was happy as well!

After playing with the kids, and getting to know them better today we had supper and then went to go read the Good BOOK. It was truly amazing! It seemed like 20 people showed up to Abrahams house to read and learn about the Truth.  The kids were so cute and we sang songs in Chinese and English!  Several people showed up from the local group and visited us!! One woman took her picture with us!
After the meeting we all left (8pm) and walked home in the dark.  The mosquitoes are super bad haha I feel like i'm going  to feel itchy 24/7!

All  in all today was an amazing day which showed me how blessed I truly am.   Also I have learned to appreciate the word America/American.  I cannot tell you how complicated it is to download a stupid application here on the  Chinese network! I was helping lana (another translator) download Instagram! And she had to download two other things  and still couldn't get on!! I also truly appreciate American's obsession with cleanliness.  I miss the clean haha.  I will  say China has and will always touch a special place in my heart! The beautiful mountains, people  and country will never be forgotten for  me! And I pray and hope I can continue to come back for years to come! This trip truly opens my eyes to see how  blessed I truly am!
I hope you are alll having wonderful mornings and continue to have a wondeful day! I love you all! I miss you all! Can;t wait to see you (but am still VERY happy to be here)
Wo ai ni ((I LOVE YOU!))

July 9, 2014

china2 web

This is the care center: Refuge of Grace.  It is almost four stories high, the bottom floor is used for meals, the kitchen and some craft rooms.  The second floor is the boys rooms, with bathrooms and a small play area/ empty room to run around.  The third floor is the girls, with bathrooms as well.  And the last floor is a covered balcony that shows a beautiful view of the country part of the city of Luxi. It also hangs the childrens clothes to dry!

Today was a very good start to the trip.  Myself and mom woke up around 9am, and Facetimed Dad and Taylor. We got  ready around 10:30 and headed down.  Mom, and the other girls on the trip decided to all wait for Abraham to pick him up and take them to the orphanage.  Myself, Scott (Beijing's speaker) Stan, Ben and John all walked 20 minutes to the Orphanage. The walk was very nice, filled with big city buildings and a little bit of country! There are beautiful hills and mountains (Shān in chinese!)

Once we got to the care center (11:00) and all the moms and ladies met up with us, we sat and stood around with the kids, learning names and attempting to brush up on our Chinese.  at 12:00 there was lunch. (RICE! and some chicken - with bones in it - and some eggs with some spicy stuff in them) They also offered watermelon, but I didnt like it too much personally haha.  

After lunch we had a meeting about the schedule of the care center. We have some university students from Wu Han here which slightly impedes on our ability to speak to the kids about the Truth.  But we did settle on telling some stories, just not mentioning HIM.  And telling them it is from an Ancient Proverb.

china1 webAfter the meeting, I left to go play with the kids, and teach them some english.  Our group brought some cards with words from english and translates them in Chinese.  I spent 40 minutes going over words with the kids (and my sad attempt to read Pin Ying. - the written letters of Chinese Characters). The kids here are very smart and know basic colors, animals, outfits, and some small sentences in English.  After the lesson one of the school teachers came up to me and helped me learn some Chinese: like how to say "I am 19" and " I am a student going to University".  I enjoyed learning Chinese because it gives me an even better chance to connect to the kids.

After I learned some Chinese we went down Stairs and made Bracelets, rings, anklets and necklaces (in Tori's Case).  ALL the kids enjoyed this craft, and it helped us get to know the kids better one on one.  We have 4 translators,( kind of, only 1 speaks very good english - the other three have a bit of a trouble with translating sometimes)  so it really helps when trying to talk to all of the kids.  During the crafts I learned how to say (very poorly) "What is your favorite color?" and the kids laughed at me as I very horribly butchered the sentence.  

After crafts we came in for Dinner time.  Dinner was American Green beans (YES I ATE THEM! And they were actually very good!) and Rice, and some Chicken with bones, and milk! I also used soy sauce! After dinner I talked to some kids, we named some of them with American names and went over some more english with them.  I loved being able to read the pin ying to them and then they tell me the english word! This way we were both learning something. Some of the university students did come up to me and I found one girl (who I named Rachel) was 19 and in University studying to be a doctor!

They played basketball for awhile and Max told me his team won (too bad I had no clue how to tell the teams a part). Around 8pm we decided to go back to the hotel, because we were all exhausted and the wanza (misquotes) were HORRIBLE.  I was bit probably 30 times just walking back to the hotel (its a 20 minutes walk) and stung by something twice! It was SO painful! Mom had afterbite though, so it really helped.

All in all today was a great day! I loved working with the kids, learning Chinese and giving them english names. Grace is a cute and tell girl who is 15 and knows the most English out of every kid in the center.  Lisa pops in every now and then to give me a hug and to talk to me.  Tori is such a cutie, mom and I love her to death.  She likes to mimic our english and say it back to us! Bill is an insane 6 year old boy who loves to hit and play (especially with Ben). I already know I love these kids so so much, and I cannot wait to spend the next few days with them helping them learn english (and helping me learn more Chinese),
Max and Hope have also been such an amazing help! We learned we may be going to a cave on Thursday or Friday with the kids! It is supposed to be beautiful! I am so excited! Also on another day we are going to catch crawdads (Mini lobster?) with the kids for dinner.  I am so excited about this week! The Director, Abraham has been amazing and I cannot wait to continue working with the kids! These kids are amazing and I hope we can connect to them on a further level as the week goes on (please pray for this especially!)
I love you and miss you all! Have a wonderful Morning and an even better day! Zai Tian (Good-Bye!) - Katie Jansen

July 8, 2014

The team arrived safely Monday morning (our time, EST) after a 14 hour flight from Houston to Beijing and a six hour bullet train ride to their destination.  They finished their first day of work a few hours ago.  They are exactly 12 hours ahead of us.  They will be working with the children teaching Englischina3 webh and crafts as well as improvement projects around the center.

   Arrived in Luxi, China Monday evening around 7:30 local time.  Trip time was about 37 hours.  We enjoyed a message from John Iverson at our church service in the Houston airport at 1:30 am Sunday.  We were interrupted during communion by two sweet Chinese women also going to China, telling us the final boarding call was over and they were closing the doors to the plane leaving for China!  Maybe angels in disguise!

   The 13 hours to Beijing went almost as planned except it only took 12 hours and we landed at 3:45 am,  which was an hour before our ride was scheduled to arrive to pick us up! Of course our ride was on China time and didn't arrive until about 5 a.m.

   Hope from Chinese Agape did arrive to pick us up and all was well!  Hope, Lana, and Scott Smeltzer, the preacher for the church in Beijing arrived to pick us up and accompany us to the care center in Luxi. They are going to stay with us at the care center in Luxi.

   Next was a six hour train ride on a bullet train across the central part of China.  We saw vast amounts of farm land, huge cities, mountains, rivers and views of China you don't see much on television.  All at 185 miles per hour!  Not surprisingly, most of the group was trying to catch up on some sleep on the train.

   The next leg there were eleven of us plus two drivers and about 20 suitcases packed into an 8passenger van for the three hour drive from Chongsha to Luxi.  

  We arrived at the care center around 7:30 p.m. Monday night where we met the children, the Agape director's family and enjoyed our first meal of rice with stuff on it.  Then after making some plans, we went to the hotel where we crashed finally for a good night's rest, safe and sound. - Stan Burnette

IMG 5884webJuly 5, 2014, Saturday

The China Group left July 5 and is returning July 18.  They are flying to Beijing, taking a train to Changsha and a car to Luxi where we will be working in a children’s home operated by Chinese Agape Foundation. 

Members of the team are: Stan Burnette, Connie Burnette, Jenny Burnette, Ben Burnette, John Iverson, Jr., Julie Jansen, Katy Jansen, Kim Gibson