Mission Trips 2017

Nigeria Mission Trip

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January 2017

Christi Howard and Hannah Hughes departed for Nigeria on Thursday, 2/23, for the 19th Annual Ladies Bible Lectureship at Susana Homes. Around 1000 ladies attended. They will be worked with the Christian Girls Summit - the group of young ladies that come to the Lectureship. They worked with 20 of the olders girls at Susana Homes on learning to teach cradle roll through toddler classes. After these ladies teach for 6 months, they will receive monogrammed tote bags as a reward. Christi and Hannah enjoyed playing several camp games with the children! To nd out more about Susana Homes, visit our website Global Mission page at www.bufordcoc.com.  

SCOTLAND Mission Trip


July 2017 -  

The campaign will take place in Perth, Scotland the first week of July. The Perth congregation continues to grow in small numbers since November 2014 start and the youth club is now up to 30 weekly. The preacher is Scott Tominey, who we support as a missionary, and is currently completing his Preaching School studies in the ACT program. The Perth campaign will consist of devotionals, morning Bible coffee shop studies, surveying and inviting youth/families to HBC (Holiday Bible Class) and gospel meetings in the city centre, conducting afternoon HBC sessions (Mon -Thu) and Youth Club activities in late afternoon and gospel meeting in the evening. We will work side-by-side with members from the Cumbernauld and Perth congregations who support Scott. Please pray for this effort and team of youth/adults.



June 2017 - The church at Buford has long been invested in the work of the Lord in Nicaragua, specifically in the town of Leon.  Over the weekend of June 23rd, Juan Garcia (Buford Iglesia de Cristo) and George Reese visited Leon as they transition ministers in the congregation there. Pray for this congregation in this time of transition.

July 2017 - David Lovell and Laura Nichols will be returning to Leon to join in and work on an evangelistic and medical campaign. Pray for their travels and efforts during that trip.

OTHER Members On Mission Trips

July -  

Annie Counts heads for a 2 week mission trip to Tanzania in East Africa, traveling with a group from the Northport, AL congregation.

Pat Owens is going on an evangelistic campaign in Panama, serving as the lead teacher for a Vacation Bible School.