Sweet Logs In Bitter Water

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         Imagine for a moment that you are not a Christian. O.K., some reading this may not have to imagine this, but most folks who read this would have to imagine it. So, assuming that you are Christian, imagine for a moment that you are not. In fact, as long as we are imagining, picture having never heard of God in your lifetime. What if the only sense of God you understood was that God was in, well, things or people? What if your understanding of God was found in whatever you, or someone over you decided things to be? If this was the case, how might the Creator of the universe prove Himself to be true and worthy of trust?

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AboutBibleart우리는 21세기 살아가는 사람들입니다.
세대가 흘러 변해도, 소중한 한 생명이 태어나 삶을 살아가며 죽음을 맞이한다 하더라도 우리에게는 변하거나 변질되지 말아야 하는 것이 있습니다.

영원토록 불변하신 창조주의 거룩하신 말씀, 성경은 우리로 하여금 두 개가 아닌 하나의 CHURCH 가 존재한다는 사실을 가르치고 있습니다.
모든 CHURCH 는 오직 성경대로만 지키고 준행해야 한다는 사실을 일깨워 주고 있습니다. (요한계시록22:18-19, 갈라디아서1:6-12)

인위적인 전통이나 전승 그리고 사람의 생각이나 방법으로는 창조주의 뜻을 이루어 나갈 수 없습니다. 창조주의 말씀을 듣지 않고 자신들의 생각과 방법대로 살다가 넘어지는 구약의 이스라엘 백성의 험란한 삶을 보면서 그 길을 답습하면 안 된다는 교훈을 성경을 통해 보고 있지 않습니까?

우리는 성경에서 말하는 곳에서는 말을 하고 성경에서 말하지 않는 부분에 대해서는  잠잠한 것이 옳은 방법이 아닐까요? 우리는 성경, 창조주의 말씀 안에서 하나가 되어야 합니다.
에베소서4:3-6절 말씀에서 일곱 부분의 하나의 원칙을 제공하고 있으며, 예수그리스도께서도 요한복음17:17절에 창조주 아버지의 말씀, 진리로 거룩하게 만들어, 아버지와 그리스도 하나인 것 같이 그리스도를 믿는 우리 모두도 하나가 되라고 기도하고 있습니다.(요한복음17:21-23)  
오늘날은 평균 학력수준이 높아짐으로서 성경의 말씀을 이해하고 깨닫는 것도 깊어진 시대입니다. 이 말씀들은 여러분이 믿음을 키워가는 데 있어 훌륭한 가이드가 될 것입니다.

성경이 말하는 교회

Discovering - Theme 2014

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Discovery2014 webWho discovered America? Now before you answer, “Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492,” stop and think about it a while.

It is so nice to live in a truly informed world! Yes, archaeologists have discovered Norse-type settlements in the northern part of Newfoundland that have led them to believe that Leif Erickson and his Vikings discovered America in 1000A.D. But before we get too conclusive with our investigation, let us not forget the Indians. No, not the Cleveland Indians or the Atlanta Braves! The Indians! Native Americans! When did Native Americans discover the northern continent? In reality, no one will ever truly know who was the earliest to come here.

Discovering God

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DiscoveringGodSeries webI love new years. I really do. I don’t really know why, but I just do. It is an amazing feeling to feel that one can just start over and be something different. I love that feeling of being at the cusp of something great. A new year always makes me feel that way.

This year has been no exception. I feel like something incredible is possible in this new year. And I know exactly why.

It is because we serve the God of hope and renewal. We serve a God that gives us hope in tomorrow, hope in forever, and renewal found in His Son.

This year we will be taking a journey. A journey of discovery. A journey of discovering God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

What A Year!

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servereview web2013 has been a most wonderful year. The Buford congregation of the Lord’s people has experienced some tremendous blessings. Some of our family members here have suffered setbacks, and may be even happy to see this year come to an end due to difficulties they have experienced. Before you write the year off entirely, think about some of the good things that happened that we sure do not want to forget.

The Time Of The Year

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merrychristmas web         The holiday season is upon us. At the reading of this piece, Christmas will be within just a few days. Thus, the holiday spirit is great, and anticipation, especially among children, is high. I just love the holiday atmosphere! You know, chestnuts roasting on a . . . well, you know what I mean.

         Someone was telling me recently of what Christmas means to them. They explained that they grew up in a home where Christmas was never celebrated as a religious holiday. The reason was that since no one knows exactly when Jesus was born, and the fact that tied to it historically are several pagan traditions, that Christmas took on a much different meaning in her family than it does for many folks. To that family, Christmas was, and is, a time when family comes home to celebrate the joy of being together.

It Is A Control Thing

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Socialmediaart         Have you seen any of the recent cellular phone network advertisements on television lately where actors, James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell, are dressed up in tuxedoes on a stage parroting the requesting of friends on Facebook? It is meant to be a funny verbalization of what happens when people want to request access to content and interaction on each other’s published information on any web based social network. For those who are not familiar with Facebook or Twitter, or any of the online social mediums, you may not have been impressed, but these advertisements are meant to encourage people to get connected with people they have known in the past as well as make new friends through the advertiser’s phone system.

I Am In Love With God

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God artI am in love with God. There, I said it. I can now openly admit it. Phew. Feels good to finally get it off my chest!

I have to admit that there was a time where I probably wouldn’t have been so open about it. In fact, I remember days where I did everything I could to make sure people didn’t feel uncomfortable around me because of my faith. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t feel awkward. I mean, faith is such a heavy thing and I didn’t want them to feel like I was shoving it down their throat. I really tried to make sure that they would be able to work around me without having to worry about hearing about my faith. If and when I prayed, usually over a meal, I did so quietly and when no one was looking. I did it this way so that nobody would have to look at me and feel uncomfortable. It just wouldn’t be fair to expose them to something that they don’t believe in. I mean it would be horrible of me to push my faith on them especially in the work environment.

Some More Advice On Finding A Good Translation

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 Bibletranslations article        We continue this week with advice for what kind of Bible to purchase. The wide range of Bibles available often make it so hard to determine which is the right one for you.

         Think some more about purpose. Some people who are new to reading the Bible need something that will help them more easily understand its meanings. Some of the newer versions, like the Contemporary English Version, (CEV) might be more useful for readability. The New International Version, (NIV), would be good if you want to quickly read through a Bible Book to get its flow. Someone may consider using one of these if his or her main purpose is to read the Bible through in a year.


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blessings artI remember sitting in my favorite restaurant in the world, a place called “Gallo’s,” and looking across the table at my beautiful new bride. Kristin and I had been married two weeks and we were now settled into our apartment in Le Bagnese, Scandicci, Florence, Italy. Le Bagnese was the neighborhood I had grown up in and I knew it well. In fact, each night Kristin and I would walk around my old neighborhood and I would share with her all of my memories. One of those memories was eating at my favorite place – Gallo’s. I ordered what I always ordered – Pizza Prosciutto e Funghi with a starter of cozze alla marinara. This all translates to a mushroom and ham pizza with a side of muscles cooked in a seafood broth. Eating this with a nice cold coke in a glass is still my favorite meal. Seriously, the best meal ever.