What Does The Lord Require Of You?

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         What does entering the military, getting a loan, becoming an American president, going to school, buying new clothes, graduating from high school, flying to Argentina, checking out a book at the library, getting a prescription filled at the pharmacy, enjoying a clean house, grocery shopping, and becoming a Christian have in common with one another? Yes, they are all things people do; but even more, they represent things that in order to be experienced must meet certain requirements. The fact is, everything we do in life requires something. Even moving a muscle requires that the brain engages the muscle to move. And, even the brain requires certain things to function. Life and everything in it is filled with requirements.   

Gospel Meetings From My Memories

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            My perspective of gospel meetings in past days comes from various different perspectives. Being that I was a preacher’s kid, gospel meetings were as much a part of life as anything else we did as a family. From my earliest days, I can recall hearing men like Gus Nichols, Guy N. Woods, Alan Bryan, B.C. Goodpasture, Jack Exum, Flavil Nichols, Franklin Camp, Bob Hare, Wendell Winkler, my dad Richard T. Harp, and so many more. One time I went to a meeting where there were two preachers, one was a white preacher by the name of V.P. Black, and the other was a black preacher by the name of I.V. White.



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I recently did a word study on the word “works,” as it appears in the ESV translation of the New Testament. The word appears over 100 times in a variety of contexts, but for the purposes of my study, I was looking to learn some specific things:

1.What is a “work?”

2.What is the relationship between my “works” and my salvation?

3. Is there any way in which the “works” that I do for God are contributing factors to being justified/made righteous in His sight?

What I found was enlightening.

5 Minute Devotional?

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This past Wednesday night, I was asked to speak as part of the Summer Series at the Piedmont Road church of Christ. In addition to the 40-minute lesson/class that I was asked to teach, I was also asked to present a “5-minute devotional” before Bible classes began. I’ve done dozens of these in the past, and so I fully understood the concept, but then I began to think about it more…

Have you ever heard of a “1-month contract” from a phone/internet company?

What about a “2-day diet” or a “30-second workout?”

This is when I began to really think about the concept of a “5-minute devotional.” Isn’t this an odd title? Isn’t it strange that a word like “devotional,” which comes from the word “devoted,” which typically is associated with longer periods of time, has come to describe 5-15 minutes of our time?

With God What Do We Have To Fear?

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         One of my earliest and continuous memories is watching my parents do things. It seemed as if my mom was so busy with all she did for my brothers and me. She fixed our breakfast, washed our clothes and kept us dressed with them. She sorted out our disagreements, made our school lunches, and seemed to be able to stay on top of everything. As I recollect, my dad was gone more, but I always knew when he was away that he was working. I recall thinking that it was a shamed he could not be with us kids while we are at play. Many were the times I remember him sitting on the edge of the couch working with a shoebox in his hands. He seemed to always be looking at a checkbook. I bet your dad did some of that too! When I was a teenager, there were some things that scared me about being grown up. The idea of going through an airport on my own was scary. The idea of filling out government forms to file income tax returns was scary too. Come to think of it, filling those forms out is still a bit scary! It just seemed as a kid that my dad and mom really had it together, maybe, because it made me somewhat fearful of the day when I would be called upon to do the same.

Continued Education

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            Christian education has certainly come a long way. Through the last few generations, the investment toward a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures have come from admonitions from the pulpit, bulletin articles, and certainly our Sunday and Wednesday Bible School programs.

            Some have chosen to commit to attending Christian Colleges, spending thousands of dollars in order to advance their knowledge of the Scriptures. Several years ago, the elders here introduced a way that education could be more easily accessed through the Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies program. This has been a highly successful approach to deeper Bible study and understanding. It has been my pleasure to teach some of these classes. Others, like Gene Cloer, Jim Whitmire, Lyle Owens, Mike Gifford, Billy Simmons, and perhaps others have taken time out of their personal lives to teach these classes. The leadership of this congregation believe strongly in this work, and plan to continue these classes. Incidentally, Billy Simmons is now scheduled to start a course on World Religions beginning the 21st of September. All should plan to attend this class. Go to bufordcoc.com now to register.

Please Read This

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School has officially begun, and there are a few things that I’d like to say to our teens and parents during this challenging time.

1.Young people, God has plans to use you as His “instrument of righteousness” (Rom. 6:13) during school this year. This means that He would like to give you some opportunities to serve Him and to live out the message of the Gospel in front of some people who are lost in sin. This might mean that you will have an opportunity to influence a teammate, or maybe the person who sits across from you at the lunch table. This might mean that you have an opportunity to talk to one of your teachers or coaches about why you are so “different.” But here is the bottom line: you will not get these opportunities if you don’t “present yourself” to God to be used by Him. If you’re unavailable, too busy, or too concerned about getting what you might want from your school year, those opportunities will pass you by. You will become the 1-talent man in many ways, burying the opportunities that God has entrusted you with. I want to encourage you to pray about these opportunities, and then begin looking for God’s will in your life this year!

Do Not Mishandle It

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            Recently, I came across some notes that had been taken from a class taught by Gus Nichols over 40 years ago. The class was on the subject of Rules of Bible Interpreting. At one point in the discussion, Nichols gave one of the best rules of thumb in how to interpret the Bible this writer has ever heard. He said, “If you do not know how to handle the Bible, you will mishandle it.” Profound!


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            Where are you going this summer? Got your vacation plans set? It may be that you are intending to go on a mission trip, or a vacation to the mountains or near the water. Perhaps, you have no real plans to go out of town, but you may be thinking of an outing here or there close-by. For certain, there is enough to do right here at home that you would never get around to doing it all. One thing is for sure; whether you have plans to go out of town or just stay around home you are planning to do something!

Just Like My Dear Old Dad

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            I will not get to see my dad on Father’s Day. Yes, he is still very much alive, and reasonably close in proximity. No guarantees, but the chances are great that we will not get to see each other today. You see, my dad does what I do on Sundayswe preach.

            Have you ever thought about the amount of people you know whose sons have followed their dads in their choice of careers? Firemen often have sons who follow them into firefighting. Policemen, doctors, butchers, lumberjacks, and dogcatchers often see their sons and their daughters follow in their footsteps. Why do you suppose kids decide to follow their parents into their chosen fields of expertise? Perhaps there are several different reasons, but one thing they would all have in common is the power of influence.