How Important Is Homework?

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Homework wOur teenagers live in a demanding world, and one of the greatest demands that are placed upon them comes in the form of homework.

A 2014 survey discovered that high school teachers, on average, assigned approximately 3.5 hours of homework each week. If a typical high school student has five classes with five different teachers, this could theoretically add up to 17.5 hours of homework every week! This would dwarf the amount of time that most teens spend in Bible study, prayer, or other spiritual activities, and would most likely compromise other important areas of life (family, friends, recreation, etc.).


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FearFactor3As we wrap up this study on our response towards fear, let’s take a look at one final approach:


What does this approach towards fear look like? Imagine the following scenario:

Something happens in our life that causes us to be afraid, but instead of doing nothing or reacting to the cause/source of that fear, we remind ourselves of whom we fear most: God. As a result of this foundational “fear” of God, we make very different decisions in the midst of this scary situation. With this approach, we have a singular, overriding goal: to please Him above all else.


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MisplacedLast week, we began a 3-part study on how to handle fear. We took a look at the “Frozen by Fear” approach and saw that it is an unwise and unbiblical way to deal with our fears. We simply can’t “do nothing” in most scary situations and still be pleasing to God.

So let’s examine another possibility this week:


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Frozen-by-Fear bcocHave you ever been in a situation that scared you to the point that you didn’t know what to do or how to handle it? Have you ever allowed fear to control your decision-making? Have you ever wondered what to do when you are scared to do anything? Maybe some of these situations sound familiar:

“I’ve lied to my parents about something, and I know I need to make it right, but I’m afraid of what might happen if I tell them the truth.”

Dear Paul . . .

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DearPaulwebTucked into the back half of the New Testament is a one-chapter letter written by the apostle Paul. The letter is only 25 verses, and it is curiously unconcerned with presenting theological or doctrinal concepts, church instruction/correction, or a treatise on any specific issue.

This letter was, in fact, written to one person: a Christian brother named Philemon.

Real Power

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PowerWhen you see a bulldozer or a jackhammer in action, do you ever think about where their power really comes from? What good would those pieces of equipment be if they didn’t have a power source? Would they be able to do any of the things that they do without power? Does the source of their power get enough credit for what it does, or have we elevated the equipment to a status that it might not deserve?


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We often refer to those who are invested in something as having “skin in the game.” This phrase means that these people have put themselves in a risky position, either monetarily or otherwise, and that they now have something to gain/lose. They are not simply spectators, observers, or even “fans;” they have a vested interest, and they will be affected by the outcome, one way or the other.


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As you may know, Brooke and I have three daughters, and the oldest two (Ava and Greta) attend the Sonflower Preschool here at the church building. They absolutely love it! They love their teachers, their friends, the playground, and all of the special things that they get to do at the school. One of their favorite things is when we allow them to buy/bring a Lunchable to school for their lunch.


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In Genesis 34, we read the account of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob. As far as we know, in a family of twelve sons, Dinah was Jacob’s only daughter. One day, she went out to spend some time with the other women of the land and a man named Shechem, “the prince of the land” took her and seemingly forced himself upon her, sexually. (vs. 2)

Our first impression of Shechem is that he is a man who takes what he wants. He has the power and control to do what he pleases. He doesn’t have to take “no” for an answer. The rules don’t apply to him.


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The dictionary defines “resolved” as: “firm in purpose or intent; determined.”

We regularly sing a song during our worship to God in which we say the words, “I am resolved…”

Do we mean it?

We sing the following words:

I am resolved no longer to linger, charmed by the world’s delight

Things that are higher, things that are nobler

These have allured my sight

Do we mean this? Is this really our intention? Are we determined to shake the increasingly hypnotic charms of the world that we live in, or are we just going through some religious motions? Is it truly our intent to focus our mind on higher, nobler things that have caught our attention, or do we reserve those things for Sundays only?