The Option of Involvement?

Written by Jeremy Pate on . Posted in Youth Minister

InvolvementWebster’s Dictionary defines the term “involved” as, “committed or engaged”. Whether it is politics, sports, relationships, or any other area of life, we all understand this concept of being involved. In fact, regardless of the specifics of what we might be involved in, there are a few basic ways to measure that involvement:

1. The amount of time we spend on it

2.The amount of money we spend on it

3.The level of interest, passion, or commitment we give to it

4.What we are willing to give up or sacrifice for it

When it comes to involvement, we instinctively understand what that means in most areas of life, don’t we? Think about how you might respond if you heard the following conversation:

Person #1 – “So, are you involved in politics?”

Person #2 – “Oh, absolutely! I love politics!”

Person #1 – “Me too! So what do you think of the election results from last month?”

Person #2 – [long pause] … “What election?”

Or what about this one:

Person #1 – “I hear that you’re involved with Susie now.”

Person #2 – “Oh yeah, we’re really close.”

Person #1 – “That’s great. Susie is a great person. How is she doing, by the way?”

Person #2 – “Um, I’m not sure. We don’t really talk to each other much.”

If we overheard either of these conversations, we would seriously question the level of “involvement” of Person #2, wouldn’t we? In fact, we might even say that they aren’t involved in those things, even though they seem to think that they are. “Involvement” isn’t simply a word that we can use whenever we want to affiliate ourselves with a certain group, cause, or event; it is an active, prioritized, committed participation in something.

So, let’s make some spiritual application…

Are we really “involved” in the worship, work, and mission of the Lord’s Church, or are we simply content to be affiliated with it? If anyone were looking at our life (and believe me, they are), how “involved” would they say that we are in the Lord’s Church? Are we allowed to define and determine what “level of involvement” we are going to have in the Lord’s Church, or has God already determined that? Perhaps we need to re-read passages like I Corinthians 12, Romans 12, or Acts 2, so that we can get a clearer picture of God’s expectations concerning our “level of involvement” in the Lord’s Church. After all, it’s His Church, right?

Simply worshiping in the same building a few times a week is certainly not God’s idea of “involvement”, is it? If this is our idea of “involvement”, we might need to take some personal inventory of our lives, our priorities, and our future decisions. If we wait until we see the other side of eternity before we ask ourselves these hard questions, it may be too late. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask ourselves hard questions about our involvement in the Church; rather, we should be afraid of what could happen if we don’t.

The bottom line (and the biblical truth) is that there are going to be a lot of “involved Christians” on Judgment Day who receive some bad news: “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness” (Mt. 7:23). I wonder if some of us might be in that group, having convinced ourselves that we are “involved enough” in the Lord’s Church, and not realizing the depth of commitment that God requires of His children.

Let’s all spend some time this week considering our level of involvement in the Church, and strive to be the kind of people that God has called us to be!