Our Time Together....

Written by Brandon Edwards on . Posted in Youth Minister

seaboardwalkdunesYou can tell the health of a church by how long people stick around after the worship service.

There are many "churches" today that come together on the first day of the week for worship that simply haven't figured out a major aspect of what it means to be a "church." They come together and fulfill all of the major aspects of worship but they miss out on one of the main components of being together.

Imagine with me for a minute. Imagine the first century and its daily life. Think of the first century church. They did not meet in a specific building with a sign outside the door that read "Meeting place of the Church of Christ." They met in houses. They met in private places hidden from sight. They met privately because of the persecution.

They prayed. They sang songs of worship and adoration to God. They broke bread and remembered the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. They remembered His resurrection. They read from the letters that they received from Paul, John, Matthew, and Luke. They passed on their letter to other brothers and sisters in Christ who met in other homes. They shared these letters and revered them. They could not wait for the next letter. They read them...and then reread them. The memorized them and wrote the words shared on their hearts.

They met together to see who had been arrested. They talked about who had lost their life. They shared stories of those who had been arrested and killed for their faith. They prayed for them, their families, and those who were in a trouble. They sang again, read the words of Jesus, and gave thanks to God for His counting them worthy to face such tribulations in His name.

They met together for more than just the "acts of worship." They met to encourage one another. They met to share with one another. They met to know one another. They shared their lives, their thoughts, and their dreams.

They protected one another to the point of death. They loved one another deeply and were willing to die for each other.

How well do you know the people in your church? Why not change that this coming week?

You can tell the health of a church by how long people stick around after the worship service.

I pray that you don't want to go home this week. I pray that you stay and love each other deeply. Know each other. Encourage one another.

God is good!