Sweet Logs In Bitter Water

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         Imagine for a moment that you are not a Christian. O.K., some reading this may not have to imagine this, but most folks who read this would have to imagine it. So, assuming that you are Christian, imagine for a moment that you are not. In fact, as long as we are imagining, picture having never heard of God in your lifetime. What if the only sense of God you understood was that God was in, well, things or people? What if your understanding of God was found in whatever you, or someone over you decided things to be? If this was the case, how might the Creator of the universe prove Himself to be true and worthy of trust?

Discovering - Theme 2014

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Discovery2014 webWho discovered America? Now before you answer, “Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492,” stop and think about it a while.

It is so nice to live in a truly informed world! Yes, archaeologists have discovered Norse-type settlements in the northern part of Newfoundland that have led them to believe that Leif Erickson and his Vikings discovered America in 1000A.D. But before we get too conclusive with our investigation, let us not forget the Indians. No, not the Cleveland Indians or the Atlanta Braves! The Indians! Native Americans! When did Native Americans discover the northern continent? In reality, no one will ever truly know who was the earliest to come here.

What A Year!

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servereview web2013 has been a most wonderful year. The Buford congregation of the Lord’s people has experienced some tremendous blessings. Some of our family members here have suffered setbacks, and may be even happy to see this year come to an end due to difficulties they have experienced. Before you write the year off entirely, think about some of the good things that happened that we sure do not want to forget.

The Time Of The Year

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merrychristmas web         The holiday season is upon us. At the reading of this piece, Christmas will be within just a few days. Thus, the holiday spirit is great, and anticipation, especially among children, is high. I just love the holiday atmosphere! You know, chestnuts roasting on a . . . well, you know what I mean.

         Someone was telling me recently of what Christmas means to them. They explained that they grew up in a home where Christmas was never celebrated as a religious holiday. The reason was that since no one knows exactly when Jesus was born, and the fact that tied to it historically are several pagan traditions, that Christmas took on a much different meaning in her family than it does for many folks. To that family, Christmas was, and is, a time when family comes home to celebrate the joy of being together.

It Is A Control Thing

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Socialmediaart         Have you seen any of the recent cellular phone network advertisements on television lately where actors, James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell, are dressed up in tuxedoes on a stage parroting the requesting of friends on Facebook? It is meant to be a funny verbalization of what happens when people want to request access to content and interaction on each other’s published information on any web based social network. For those who are not familiar with Facebook or Twitter, or any of the online social mediums, you may not have been impressed, but these advertisements are meant to encourage people to get connected with people they have known in the past as well as make new friends through the advertiser’s phone system.

Some More Advice On Finding A Good Translation

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 Bibletranslations article        We continue this week with advice for what kind of Bible to purchase. The wide range of Bibles available often make it so hard to determine which is the right one for you.

         Think some more about purpose. Some people who are new to reading the Bible need something that will help them more easily understand its meanings. Some of the newer versions, like the Contemporary English Version, (CEV) might be more useful for readability. The New International Version, (NIV), would be good if you want to quickly read through a Bible Book to get its flow. Someone may consider using one of these if his or her main purpose is to read the Bible through in a year.

Some Advice About Finding A Good Bible Translation

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Bibletranslations article         I am often asked to advise people about the purchase of a good translation of the Bible. Have you hunted for a good Bible lately? Go to a local bookstore and have a look at all the Bibles that are on display. Not only are there various translations, but there are also many levels of study helps available as well. All of them have strengths, but do not be fooled by the fancy covers. Some may not be very healthy in the wrong hands.

         There are many approaches that people have in searching for a Bible. Some consider that the only reliable Bible is the one that Grandma and Grandpa used. Others consider that it makes so little difference that deciding between translations comes down to the flip of a coin. For the modern Bible reader, these reasons should be considered less than responsible. Why? Well, this is no ordinary book! And the best one for you must be practical, at least for the next ten year. If you can wear one out sooner, great!

Where Do We Go From Here?

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crossroads web         Which way? Left? Or, right? The uncharted future, be it the news of a dreaded disease, the crossroads of two desert highways, the loss of a long held and assumed reliable job, the assignment of a post near the heated battle, the loss of a loved one, or a broken trust in a relationship, leads us down paths of profound uncertainty. Answers—we need answers, but so often a satisfiable response cannot be found because it is not sought. Part of the problem may be shock, or fear. It could be because of self-reliance, or uncertainty of the road ahead, or possibly confusion about the way to go. In many cases it can even be a little bit of stubbornness and refusal to accept direction. There may be trust issues involved. In any case all have been at the crossroads of uncertain direction.

Never Forget

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counselmarriage artweb         From a counselor’s perspective, there is nothing more pitiful than a one-sided relationship. Bonds that are made between individuals are too often stressed to the point of breaking. Examples of this are seen when a husband quits showing attention to his wife, or a wife falls out of love with her husband, and the one still interested in working through the problems seeks counsel. How frustrating it is for those whose job it is to referee and assist in recovery strategies when all they have to influence is one of the people in the troubled relationship. It is like trying to fly a jet with one wing, or move a boat through a stream only paddling on one side.

         Sooner or later everyone will play the counselor when friends or family members have relationship troubles. What do you say to a person who is having problems with his boss, or her co-worker, or their best friends, or the team, or you name it?

Old Houses and Old notions

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londonJust west of London, England is the little village of Boxford. It is a small little community with thatch-roofed houses and quaint shops. Within it stands a little old house fixed near a very narrow waterway with a flow of water strong enough to power a waterwheel. For centuries the house had a mill grinding grain for the eating pleasures of the surrounding community. When visiting this old house in 1986, the waterwheel had long been removed, but the house was still being used as a dwelling. The roof of the old house was thick with thatching, and the gardens around the small waterway were abundant with blooms of flowers of many colors. Quite proudly, the woman told the group at her door of the fact that her old mill house had been standing for over a thousand years, and the mill was listed in William The Conqueror's Doomsday Book.
A little background is helpful at this stage. William The Conqueror was born in 1028 in the region of Normandy, France. When he was born, it would be many centuries later before the Allied Forces would fight one of the bloodiest battles in all of World War II on its sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. It was in 1066 when he and his forces sailed across the British Channel and conquered England in what has long since been referred to as the Norman Conquest.