Our Things

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tombstone art         Little girls love to play dress up, while little boys enjoy running their matchbox cars down imaginary tracks all over the house. We learn it early—this sense of obsession with things. We collect them, we store them, we display them, and we use them. Life is so closely connected to our things that it is very difficult to identify ourselves apart from them.

What we often perceive ourselves to be is tied to the things with which we surround ourselves. Take, for instance, a forty-five year old man who has just bought his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Maybe, he has never owned a bike such as this. But something drives him to reach out and acquire this new animal. Call it a mid-life crisis or what you may, but sometimes that one something is what is necessary to make a statement of how we feel about ourselves.

A Shema Kind of Family

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familyone articles         What a hectic life we live! This is especially true if you have small children. Our busy life-schedules are so intense that it is difficult to have time to stop and take a breath. It is little wonder that Starbucks has such a booming business at four in the afternoon, as there is still too much of the day ahead to call it quits.

         Such lives as ours cannot help but take its toll after awhile. Our families, let alone our bodies, suffer under the pressure of staying on the go like we do. So how do we keep it all together? How does a family keep a united front?

Doing The Right Thing

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      question articleweb   The heart of an individual is a deep and wide expanse, able to carry a great wealth of both good and evil. Another name for the mind, the heart is a highly functioning instrument that has the ability to build skyscrapers or leave deep trenches where mountains once stood. It is a gift that hungers to be fed. Depending on the choices of the individual, the heart will feed upon things that will enlighten it for all things that are wholesome, healthy and happy. Or, it can feed upon the things that tear down and destroy.

         Do you remember the Looney Tunes character, Elmer Fudd? This brave and keen hunter was always on the quest for that wascally-wabbit, Bugs Bunny. Besides his most imitable voice, one of my favorite scenes that reappeared from time to time was when Elmer had caught up to his sly foe, gun barrel right in the nose of his pretentious prize, with his finger firmly attached to its hair-pinned trigger.

A Word To The Wise Counselor

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depression1artwebThe trouble with life is trouble in life. Troubles can give us the feelings that the world is somehow crashing in around us, and that there is very little if anywhere we can turn to for relief. Whether brought on by self or others, problems arise that have the potential of crushing us if we do not get some help. Troubles arise in marriages, parent/child relationships, extended family, neighbors, law infringements in society whether intended or falsely accused, finances, and sometimes within one’s own body. Troubles come in many shapes and sizes. Predicaments of sorts, these little (and sometimes big) dilemmas that arise can do one of two things. They can either overwhelm us or they can refine us and make us better. Much depends on how we handle them.

Handwriting On The Wall

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handwritting art“Then the king’s color changed, and his thoughts alarmed him; his limbs gave way, and his knees knocked together,” Daniel 5:6

         It is hard to imagine a time in history when men did not drive automobiles. To think that just a little over a hundred years ago there were no cars whatsoever is hard to envision. What would ole Abe Lincoln think if he were brought back to life in the 21st century? Imagine the shock he would feel beholding Spaghetti Junction at the I-285 and I-85 interchange at most any time of the day.

Have you ever been driving down the road for a period of time and found your eyes getting heavier and heavier? If you have, then you probably know and even appreciate what a shock it gives you when your wheels cross into the grooved area on the sides of most roads these day that are designed to keep drivers awake. Put it this way, if you were a little tired, such an experience would certainly wake you up enough to know it is time to pull over and take a walk.

He Made You That Way

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timelessBible webIt is amazing what felt-need will cause people to do. If we feel we need it we will get it. Take your normal, every-day sort of child at home, and at any stage of his or her development it is amazing at what lengths he or she will go with when it comes to what they feel they need. There are only two or three things that will cause an infant to cry. They are usually hungry, hurting, or they need a diaper change. The intensity of the squalling will generally bring about the quickest determination of what needs to be done for the child. Have you ever been in a grocery store and seen a four year old beg for a treat? Have you seen a young teen beg her mom for a certain article of clothing at a Mall store? Need, whether it is perceived or real, can motivate us to create fantastic scenarios and schemes that will potentially bring about our intended goals or acquisitions, depending on the level of importance we place upon them. While we humans learn very young how to get the things we want, by the time we reach adulthood the process is usually well established on how to get it done.

A Lost Soul - Truly Scary!

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individuallost art         What is the most precious thing you ever lost? People lose things every day. Some things are not all that valuable, while others are priceless. For instance, what would you rather lose, a toothbrush or a tooth? When it comes to losing items, much is determined on the basis of value. While we might not bat an eye at losing a penny, no one really wants to lose a sack full of them. Value makes a lot of difference, but it is not the only thing of importance. Another qualifying concern in losing things is how that loss will change your life. Take that same toothbrush versus tooth scenario and add in a severe toothache. People do not have that many teeth to spare in life, but if one is hurting bad enough, the cheapest toothbrush can be of more value.

The Grind

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ClockarticleDo you ever consider life a grind? Sometimes we hear people talk about their jobs or school studies as being a grind. On Sunday nights, at the end of a nice and peaceful weekend, you may hear someone say, “Well, it is back to the grind tomorrow!” In other words, it is back to doing the jobs we do to maintain life’s continuum. For some, “the grind” extends beyond the mundane tasks of daily work activity. Some may see that their home life, their marriage, the daily regime of caring for children, or the routine of maintaining a home falls into that which is considered a grind. Just maybe, there are some who extend their sense of “the grind” to spiritual events that take place on a weekly basis. Sadly, some see having to make the effort to get up on a Sunday morning, get dressed, get the family ready, get in the car, and go up to “that church house again” as “the grind.” Perhaps even yet, there is a worse consideration for some that life itself is just one big, mundane, dull, ordinary, humdrum, and monotonous grind-kind of life.

"Trust Me"

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trust blogA recent viewing of a billboard revealed an advertisement for a doctor who was offering his services. Of the several specializations shown on the sign one item of interest suggested that he is a “Trusted Doctor.” It got me to thinking about what causes folks to trust people in white coats with stethoscopes hung around their necks? Why is it that any doctor, or for that matter, any person deserve to be trusted? For some, the fact that he looks like a doctor may be enough, but for most, there has to be a sure method of detecting trust. Many people say, “Trust me!” But, how many people in the world have said similar things, yet were discovered to be untrustworthy? Perhaps, within this question is part of the answer to what qualifies one to be able to present themselves as trustworthy. Discovery is an integral part of declaring and maintaining trust.

The Zimmerman Trial

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gavelphotowebThe fascination Americans seem to have with what goes on in the lives of other people borders on the level of obsession. Most folks just seem to like to know what others are up to all the time. Add in the media’s presentation of the “facts,” and the armchair judge and jury has all he needs to make the “correct” decision about guilt or innocence. Right? Perhaps, the jury is still out on that one. No pun intended!

Recently, the courts in Florida found one of its residents, George Zimmerman, not guilty in the shooting death of seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. It may be that you have been following this story and subsequent trial. It has been in the news for the last year and a half. You may have followed it closely, or you may have ignored it all together. In any case, it has been in the news almost every day, and has created quite a stir in many circles. The outcome is highly controversial in the public eye to say the least.