Marriage through the eyes of Marshall Keeble

Written by Scott Harp on . Posted in Pulpit Minster

keeble12In our library is a book Willie Cato wrote entitled, His Hand And Heart: The Wit And Wisdom Of Marshall Keeble. In it Brother Cato, a great gospel preacher and a dearly departed family friend, reflected on his years of travel with Brother Keeble, and the interesting perspective he had on the Christian life. Concerning marriage Keeble encouraged young men to prepare themselves in view of being a good prospect for a young lady to marry. He said, “You’re looking for the best girl to marry, but what is she looking for? If you live a hog’s life—down in the mire all the time—what angel would want to lay down with hogs?” Brother Keeble had a witty way of making his points. As for the right person to marry he said, “Don’t marry one who is not a member of the church of Christ. You’ll have trouble! Just don’t marry—you’ll have enough trouble with them that are members of the church of Christ.” Marriage is not always easy. It takes work on the part of both people involved.

Keeble said, “The lion (devil) goes about roaring, but if you don’t roar, he’ll go on off. If you have the spirit of Christ in you, you can go into the den of lions, and they won’t even bother you. We’re in the den of lions every day. It seems that some folks have married a lion. But don’t run off, stay in there and be kind and gentle, and you can tame that lion and make an angel out of it.” He did not mince words when it came to faithfulness in marriage. He said, “My wife is the prettiest woman in the world—to me. I said TO ME! Now you thought I was going to tell you a lie. I guess you think that same thing about yours. Just keep on thinking that and leave that other woman alone.” Concerning divorce and remarriage, he spoke of the sin of being married to another man’s wife when he said, “If you are driving another man’s Cadillac, you’ve gotta give it back!” On another occasion he said, “If any woman has a husband who is taken away from her by a little red-lipped girl, don’t go and kill her, because you didn’t have nothing no how.” Marshall Keeble died in 1968. It is said he baptized more people than any other man during his day, in excess of 40,000 people. His body rests in the Greenwood Cemetery in Nashville, Tennessee. I have visited his grave many times, and have published a website in his honor. As was said of Abel of old, “he being dead, still speaks.”