Continued Education

Written by Scott Harp on . Posted in Pulpit Minster

            Christian education has certainly come a long way. Through the last few generations, the investment toward a deeper knowledge of the Scriptures have come from admonitions from the pulpit, bulletin articles, and certainly our Sunday and Wednesday Bible School programs.

            Some have chosen to commit to attending Christian Colleges, spending thousands of dollars in order to advance their knowledge of the Scriptures. Several years ago, the elders here introduced a way that education could be more easily accessed through the Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies program. This has been a highly successful approach to deeper Bible study and understanding. It has been my pleasure to teach some of these classes. Others, like Gene Cloer, Jim Whitmire, Lyle Owens, Mike Gifford, Billy Simmons, and perhaps others have taken time out of their personal lives to teach these classes. The leadership of this congregation believe strongly in this work, and plan to continue these classes. Incidentally, Billy Simmons is now scheduled to start a course on World Religions beginning the 21st of September. All should plan to attend this class. Go to now to register.

            Recently, I was approached by brother Eddie Cloer, brother of our own Gene Cloer, about a program that is set to begin the first of September. For several years the congregation here has been a strong supporter of the program, Truth For Today. TFT is one of the best platforms the brotherhood has for getting Biblical material out to many nations, and in their own languages. What TFT is now about to embark upon is Christian education at the next level, so to speak. is a website dedicated to personal Christian Education on the Web. Never has Christian training at the workingman’s level ever been more available or attainable. Imagine being able to sign up for a course of your choosingat any point in time—in one of twenty-three languages—be given 50 days to complete each course—and receive a certificate of completion at the end of fulfilling the required set of courses. Again, nothing like this has ever been offered in such a level of availability.

In this school, you can choose your own pace of study. You can take one class, or as many as you can take at any one time. You can choose a fast track that will allow you to fulfill a series of courses that any person would be expected to take in a preacher’s training school. Or, you could take a gentler pace that would take several years to complete.

Beginning in September, 51 classes will begin to be offered online in 23 different languages! The New Testament track has three divisions, eleven New Testament History Classes covering The Life of Christ through the book of Acts. Then, there are two Theology tracks in the N.T., the first is seven classes covering Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, and the Paul’s prison epistles. The second Theology section has eight classes covering the remainder of the N.T. The N.T. track is now available for all.

The Old Testament track is still being developed. Remember, this is a work being developed as you read this piece. When completed, there will be five O.T. tracks including six classes covering Genesis through Deuteronomy; six classes from Joshua to Esther; Five classes covering the Poetic Books and two tracks of eight classes covering the major and minor prophets. If you take all 51, just imagine the knowledge you will have attained. What if it took you 10 years to do it? No worries there, for you would have been continuing to study the Word of God more indepthly, and at your own pace.

There will be a minimal registration charge for each class that will involve the purchase of a book to be added to your library as well as a free digital copy of the book. Handouts, outlines, and other things will also be available.

Two things are needed now. Onethis school needs your prayers. People all around the world will be able to access these classes in their own languages! Secondplan and pray for yourself. The Bible teaches us that we must correctly handle the Word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15. Consider and pray about taking one of these courses online. Beginning September 1st a complete study of the Bible will begin to be possible. Will you become a student?