Serve Series


The "Serve" Series is designed for 7th - 12th grades. While it is designed for the "Youth," it can also be used for an adult class with only small alterations. The "Serve" Series is broken down into a 13 week quarter. Look at the different concepts of service: SERVE GOD. Each lesson is meant to be "stand alone" while also flowing from week to week.

Click here for a detailed form of how to teach this class. 

Click the links below for each weeks lessons and the blog that corresponds. This is not a video series.


SERVE GOD Week 1 and Blog          SERVE GOD Week 2 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 3 and Blog          SERVE GOD Week 4 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 5 and Blog          SERVE GOD Week 6 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 7 and Blog          SERVE GOD Week 8 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 9 and Blog          SERVE GOD Week 10 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 11 and Blog         SERVE GOD Week 12 and Blog

SERVE GOD Week 13 and Blog