Our Things

Written by Scott Harp on . Posted in Pulpit Minster

tombstone art         Little girls love to play dress up, while little boys enjoy running their matchbox cars down imaginary tracks all over the house. We learn it early—this sense of obsession with things. We collect them, we store them, we display them, and we use them. Life is so closely connected to our things that it is very difficult to identify ourselves apart from them.

What we often perceive ourselves to be is tied to the things with which we surround ourselves. Take, for instance, a forty-five year old man who has just bought his first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Maybe, he has never owned a bike such as this. But something drives him to reach out and acquire this new animal. Call it a mid-life crisis or what you may, but sometimes that one something is what is necessary to make a statement of how we feel about ourselves.

Change Your Mind

Written by Brandon Edwards on . Posted in Youth Minister

facebookThere are days where I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Now, some of you might think this to be a waste of time and I agree. There are some days where it is. Other days though, it is a great place to see how people are doing, catch up with old friends, and to encourage one another.

Each and every day I try to write something positive on Facebook. Sometimes it is a scripture from the Bible, and sometimes it is just my random thoughts. I am amazed how many people read these posts everyday! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in the end. With all of the bad that there is on Facebook and the Internet, providing a source of positivity is a good thing. So, I keep doing it.

However, I have learned one incredibly important lesson about social media and the online world. There are a thousand and one things to argue about with someone.

Finding The Good In The Bad

Written by Brandon Edwards on . Posted in Youth Minister

workbusyThere are days that I sit in my office and just think. Seriously. I just sit there and think for hours. I always look like I'm doing something and usually I am. I may be typing, writing, reading, or surfing the net, but my mind is always running at a thousand miles an hour.
When I am at home I typically have a book next me that I am reading, a computer that I am on, a TV program that I am watching, and possibly even a phone conversation going at the same time. I honestly do not know how I can do all of these things at once, but I can. This issue has always caused me to not test well or even have the greatest grades in the world. My mind has always roamed and had, well, a mind of its own. I have had quite a few people tell me that I may have ADHD throughout my life and sometimes I agree with them but other times I do not. But mostly, I feel that I have been blessed by this "curse."
Some look at this craziness and think that it is just that, craziness. I choose to look at it and think that God has given me a talent.

A Shema Kind of Family

Written by Scott Harp on . Posted in Pulpit Minster

familyone articles         What a hectic life we live! This is especially true if you have small children. Our busy life-schedules are so intense that it is difficult to have time to stop and take a breath. It is little wonder that Starbucks has such a booming business at four in the afternoon, as there is still too much of the day ahead to call it quits.

         Such lives as ours cannot help but take its toll after awhile. Our families, let alone our bodies, suffer under the pressure of staying on the go like we do. So how do we keep it all together? How does a family keep a united front?