Read Like You Mean It

Written by Brandon Edwards on . Posted in Youth Minister

psalmswebartI have spent a lot of time reading the Psalms lately and many things have struck me about these writings. I have loved seeing the difference between a Psalm of devotion, a Psalm of love, and a Psalm of lament.

As I have read through the book of Psalms, I have found myself reading them differently than before. In fact, I have been reading through them out loud. In doing this, I found myself not being able to read them without looking for the energy and passion found within them. So many of these Psalms are written with passion and desire and we often read them as if they are devoid of feeling.

I have heard and seen many people read the scriptures with no energy, passion, or feeling. They read it as if it is dead and gone. It is a finite book that has no meaning.

I wonder how many of us do that each and every day?

He Made You That Way

Written by Scott Harp on . Posted in Pulpit Minster

timelessBible webIt is amazing what felt-need will cause people to do. If we feel we need it we will get it. Take your normal, every-day sort of child at home, and at any stage of his or her development it is amazing at what lengths he or she will go with when it comes to what they feel they need. There are only two or three things that will cause an infant to cry. They are usually hungry, hurting, or they need a diaper change. The intensity of the squalling will generally bring about the quickest determination of what needs to be done for the child. Have you ever been in a grocery store and seen a four year old beg for a treat? Have you seen a young teen beg her mom for a certain article of clothing at a Mall store? Need, whether it is perceived or real, can motivate us to create fantastic scenarios and schemes that will potentially bring about our intended goals or acquisitions, depending on the level of importance we place upon them. While we humans learn very young how to get the things we want, by the time we reach adulthood the process is usually well established on how to get it done.

A Call to Prayer

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temple webThe loud call to prayer rang through my ears and through the boat I was currently on. I was heading to my room to grab my Bible and suddenly the “call” could be heard everywhere. I remember walking by the ship’s gift shop and seeing the gift shop worker kneeling on his prayer rug praying. So many stopped and prayed during this time and I had grown accustomed to seeing it over the past five days. Egypt had a way of making the unaccustomed seem so normal to a stranger.

The Feet

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road1 artThe sandaled feet walked slowly along the pathway. It was a long, dirty pathway that was well trodden by the feet of the thousands of daily mourners. These feet dragged a bit and were devoid of energy. They were dirty, sweaty, and worn. They were the feet of the weary, the hopeless, and the tired. Such a dreary walk for any man or woman to have to make.

Suddenly, the feet stopped. The pathway was still long and weary but these feet had arrived at their destination. The feet shuffled and suddenly seemed very nervous. They stepped back. They tried to move forward but something seemed to be wrong. Muffled voices spoke quietly and quickly.

Suddenly, like lightning, the feet rushed forward into the dark tomb only to find it empty.

The tomb was empty!