The Grind

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ClockarticleDo you ever consider life a grind? Sometimes we hear people talk about their jobs or school studies as being a grind. On Sunday nights, at the end of a nice and peaceful weekend, you may hear someone say, “Well, it is back to the grind tomorrow!” In other words, it is back to doing the jobs we do to maintain life’s continuum. For some, “the grind” extends beyond the mundane tasks of daily work activity. Some may see that their home life, their marriage, the daily regime of caring for children, or the routine of maintaining a home falls into that which is considered a grind. Just maybe, there are some who extend their sense of “the grind” to spiritual events that take place on a weekly basis. Sadly, some see having to make the effort to get up on a Sunday morning, get dressed, get the family ready, get in the car, and go up to “that church house again” as “the grind.” Perhaps even yet, there is a worse consideration for some that life itself is just one big, mundane, dull, ordinary, humdrum, and monotonous grind-kind of life.


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inspiredchurchI remember the first time I truly felt inspired. I was watching the movie Independence Day and the President of the United States jumped up on top of a military truck and grabbed a microphone. He began to speak one of the greatest speeches in movie history. I was floored! I wanted to jump up from my seat in the movie theatre, grab a fighter jet, and help stop the alien invasion. I was ready to take on the world whatever the cost!
Now, the reality is that it was just a movie. It was a speech written to motivate men and women alike into action. It was meant to spur us all out of our seat to fight, cheer on, encourage, and exhort our fellow soldiers in the battle that lay ahead. But, it was just a movie. A good movie...but still a movie.
Today, I sit in my office feeling the same way. I feel inspired. I feel called into action. I feel ready to stand and fight the good fight. I feel ready and willing to charge into the breach of darkness and to vanquish the one who stands against us all. I truly feel inspired.

Redefining Education

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readingwebWhat is a teacher? I’ve asked myself that a lot over the past couple of years and I’m amazed by how many answers there really are to the question. And I’ve spent so much time on what makes a good teacher that I sometimes forget that the content is just as important as the teacher.

In the church we have struggled for years to find good, qualified, passionate teachers. It seems like every quarter there is a plea for people to step forward and accept the challenge of teaching the kids, the teens, and the babies. We beg and beg for people to step forward into these roles knowing that most will do it reluctantly.

Now, I know exactly why people struggle to step into these positions.

"Trust Me"

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trust blogA recent viewing of a billboard revealed an advertisement for a doctor who was offering his services. Of the several specializations shown on the sign one item of interest suggested that he is a “Trusted Doctor.” It got me to thinking about what causes folks to trust people in white coats with stethoscopes hung around their necks? Why is it that any doctor, or for that matter, any person deserve to be trusted? For some, the fact that he looks like a doctor may be enough, but for most, there has to be a sure method of detecting trust. Many people say, “Trust me!” But, how many people in the world have said similar things, yet were discovered to be untrustworthy? Perhaps, within this question is part of the answer to what qualifies one to be able to present themselves as trustworthy. Discovery is an integral part of declaring and maintaining trust.