Praying with my Daughter

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prayingI don't remember the exact first time that my father or mother prayed with me, but I do remember it being as a young child. From my very youth I remember praying at meals, at bedtime, and many other times with my parents. Even when they didn't pray with me personally, I know that my parents prayed for me consistently since even before I was born!

But there is something to praying with your child that is simply amazing. As an adult, the memories flood back to me every time I stop to pray at a meal with my daughter. They flood back like wonderful waves of comfort that I never knew encompassed me. These memories cling to my soul as I teach my child about God and communicating with Him.

Happy Graduation!

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Invitations sent! Cap and Gown in hand! Graduation rehearsal just days away! And, then the big event! In your mind's ear, listen to the old familiar sound accompanying the marching seniors as they make their way to their seats. As the names are being called, the anticipation continues to grow until they call out your name over the loud speaker. As you make your way to the podium where the principal is about to shake your hand and give you that coveted trophy, your mind is saying, FINALLY! Finally, the end is HERE! It is going to be nothing short of awesome. Graduation provides much deserved recognition for a job well done. Enjoy the moment, rest on your laurels, and soak it in as long as you can, for you deserve it. Congratulations!

A Momentous Moment

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childrenIt was a truly momentous moment. A life changing moment that changed me forever.

I remember the moment when I realized I could influence my parents. I was a small child and I realized I could turn mom against dad or dad against mom. It was an eye opening moment of awesomeness.
I suddenly wielded a power that was truly incredible.
And I wanted to use it.

Oh, we have all used this power as children. We learned to ask mom if we could jump off the roof. She would say, "no" and we would go and ask dad. But we wouldn't ask dad just at any point in time. He needed to be doing something so that he was distracted. From behind his paper, or while he was watching sports, he would answer, "Sure, sweetie."

Suddenly, we are on the roof getting ready to jump and mom is screaming and waving her hands from the kitchen window. She may have said, "no" but dad said, "Yes." And we all know that the last answer is always the one that counts.

A Mother And Her Son

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shutterstock 114083872 article“And Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.’ And the angel departed from her.’” Luke 1:38

         This story never fails to amaze the onlooker from future’s perch. She was a young woman, not much more than a mere girl. She had been promised to a man of her tribe who would serve as her husband. Until the angel’s visit, life looked simple and very well planned for her. But God’s plan supersedes all of man’s plans. His schedule trumps all others. Mary was chosen, but not irresistibly. She was a willing participant in history’s greatest story. Her willingness to serve God in becoming His servant proved to serve her intended groom with eternal blessings, though initially it was a tough pill for Joseph to swallow. Service to God in the work of Jesus’ birth followed with service to God all His life. Just think of Mary’s commitment to her family. She brought Jesus, and later other children, into the world, cf. Mark 6:3. She served her children by raising them in the way of God. Even at the conclusion of the incident where Jesus was discovered after three days in the temple, it was said that she kept those things concerning Him in her heart, Luke 2:51. She was committed! And then when He died, and all had forsaken Him, she stood there before the cross as her Son’s life’s blood poured out of Him, John 19:25-27. Easily, it can be seen that Jesus was served by His mother. She, like so many godly women of the past, stood out, since the dawn of time, as examples worthy to be followed. She was a great servant!