Buford Church of Christ

Followers of the Bible. Seeking to work and worship in faith.

Current Schedule . . .
9am | Bible Class In-Person (7th-Adults) & Online (All Ages)
10am | Worship In-Person & Online
6pm | Devotional & Bible Study In-Person and Online
7pm | Adult Bible Class In-person & Online
7pm | Buford Youth Group (BYG) Bible Study In-person & Online

일요일 : 예배 오전 10시 & 오후 6 (오전9시 성경공부)
수요일 : 오후 7시 성경공부

Bible Classes

Winter Quarter Bible classes are going on now. There are classes for all ages. Some are meeting in-person & live-streamed and others are online only. Let’s study God’s Word together!