Posts from June 2020

Posts from June 2020



Sometimes the most challenging aspect of faith is waiting on God’s timetable. If you are like me, then in your impatience, you have asked God questions like these. Lord, when will You lead me to a better job? Lord, when will I not be single anymore? Lord, when will You bless our family with children?  Lord, when will I be well again? Lord, when will the grief subside? Lord, when will I get past this storm in my life? As…


The word ‘truth’ is misleading sometimes. For instance, when I believe something is the ‘truth,’ I become intense in support of it, and I push it to others. In spite of my good intention, pushing the ‘truth’ to others does more harm than good. I am like the North Wind of the Aesop’s Fable, who competed in vain with the Sun to unclothe the man. This is a big fallacy in the concept of Truth. Many will be surprised to…

Spiritual Maintenance

Towards the beginning parts of last week, our office staff suffered a major blow to morale. The refrigerator had unknowingly taken a casualty. A perfectly fine, full, and delicious can of Coca-Cola had exploded inside. The sweet elixir covered the entire inside of the refrigerator. The culprit completely saturated all the other waters, cans, shelves, and walls within. How could this have happened?! What could we have possibly done differently to avoid such calamity? It just so happens that with…

Interns Are Incredible

In January of 1818 an author by the name of Mary Shelley published a book under the title of The Modern Prometheus that would go on to create and define a whole new literature genre, science fiction. This classic novel follows the intertwined story between mad-creator and even madder creation as they fight each other to figure out life’s meaning and their own destiny. One of the most famous quotes from this work, that is often recognized by its retitling,…

The Opportunity to Love

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to cease in-person assemblies temporarily, I preached a sermon on the opportunity that we would have as a result of that particular situation. Although the pandemic is not over, a new pressing opportunity has arisen. Over the past two weeks, our nation’s attention has shifted from a contagious medical condition and focused on a continuing cultural crisis. The death of George Floyd while being restrained by police officers reignited an ongoing cry for…