Posts from August 2020

Posts from August 2020


Diversity Glorifies God

  The world is beautiful because it is diverse. People are beautiful because they are different. Nature would not be so beautiful if it were not so diverse. A beautiful chorus is impossible without various tones and colors of voices. All of this beauty comes from diversity, which God created. Thus, diversity is the design of God, and harmony among diverse creatures glorifies His name. A work that God assigned to His people is reaching unity in diversity through love…

It Only Matters Who God Is

  In Exodus 3, God presented Himself to Moses via a bush that was burning without being consumed and commissioned him to be the individual who would lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt. Many would be excited to be chosen by God for such a special assignment, but not Moses. Instead of humbly accepting the task, Moses tried to find a way to get out of it.  His initial response was, “Who am I that I should go…

“Why linger with Lot?”

  In the Summer of 1950 the city of Flagstaff, Maine was a city about to be utterly and irreversibly destroyed by floodwaters. The residents not only knew about it beforehand, but they knew upwards to a year out of the city’s termination. The awaited flooding wasn’t because of some predicted force of nature, but rather the decision of man. The local government was building a hydroelectric dam near Flagstaff and had plans to purposefully flood the area to create…

What Is Hope?

There is a vast difference between the world’s definition of hope and the Bible’s definition of hope. The way the world tends to use the word “hope” comes across as if it is just a “wish” or a “desire,” something you want but lack the certainty of whether or not it will come to fruition. For example, a student might say, “I hope I pass my Calculus class.” What that student is actually saying is that he wants to receive…