Posts from January 2021

Posts from January 2021


TO Listen, or NOT to Listen???

One of the most challenging things we have to balance in our lives is deciding who we should listen to. If we have learned anything about this age of imbalanced news and social media, it is that we have to practice judgment and consider the source before ever expecting to form an accurate opinion. Our problem is not merely limited to broad conversations of politics and global interests but is also applicable to everyday discussions with the people around us.…

Who should go?

  In Luke 15, Jesus provided a trilogy of parables known as the “lost” parables. These parables share a common plot. They each depict something valuable (i.e., sheep, coin, son) being separated from its guardian (i.e., shepherd, woman, father) before eventually being reunited to great fanfare because that which was “lost” had been “found” (Luke 15:6, 9, 22-24). However, there is one distinct difference between the first two parables and the last one. In the Parable of the Lost Son,…
cautionary tale

A Cautionary Tale

As defined, a cautionary tale is a story told in folklore, to warn its hearer of a danger. These stories are often told by parents or caring adults to younger children to teach them valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in certain situations. One trademark part of these tales is the over-exaggerated details and consequences that are made up to stress the impact of the lesson being taught. From the danger of swallowing watermelon seeds…

What How?

In 2021, we as Lord’s church will be more vigorously reaching out to our community and doing what the Lord commanded us. Making “Go and Do” the theme of this year doesn’t mean that we didn’t do it nor know it. It simply means that we want to “Go and Do” more and better than before. How? Please, allow me to remind us of something that we probably already know, purely in a hope that it helps us “Go and…