Posts from October 2022

Posts from October 2022


Zebras, Fish, Ticks, & Dogs

Here is just a small sampling of the more than fifty “one another” statements which the Spirit addresses to the church in the New Testament: “love one another”, “welcome one another”, “pray for one another”, “bear one another’s burdens”, “forgiving one another”, “be kind to one another”, “bearing with one another”, “submitting to one another”, and “encourage one another”. On the backs of many checks, one might find a message stating that this check should not be cashed unless one…
samaritan woman

Empty Arms with Full Hearts

In John chapter 4 we have Jesus talking to someone who, according to the apostles and the Jews of that day, He has no business talking to. Culturally speaking, Jesus is crossing a line by having this conversation that completely shocks His apostles. In John 4:27 we have their reaction described as, “…At this point, His disciples came, and they were amazed that He had been speaking with a woman…” The word used there to describe their reaction to what Jesus…

Christianity Is Not a Buffet

When you have growing children whose appetites can best be compared to a Shop-Vac… sometimes your safest bet is heading to the local buffet for dinner. A Buffet is one of the only ways you can ensure every kid will be able to find SOMETHING they like. What a crazy notion a buffet is to a child. Here is a place where I don’t have to eat anything gross; I can pick and choose whatever I desire. I can go…