Posts from January 2024

Posts from January 2024


The Temptation Battle

Jesus quoted scripture to help fight off the temptation He was facing. What is going to be your methodology next time you are faced with this temptation? What are you going to tell yourself in order to flee from the desires of this world? 
greater than

Jesus > Family

Family is important. There is nothing wrong with loving and devoting yourself to family. But what are we supposed to do if our family is not drawing us closer to Jesus? Who wins the battle of our hearts, Jesus or Family?
Family Tree

The Genius of Jesus’s Genealogy is the largest for-profit genealogical company in the world, referring to itself as “the global leader in family history and consumer genomics.”2 It boasts access to approximately 40 billion historical records from 80 different countries of origin, has 3 million paying subscribers, and over 25 million people in its DNA network. User-generated content has resulted in more than 131 million family trees and more than 1 billion photographs, scanned documents, and written stories. Needless to say, what used to…