Posts from March 2024

Posts from March 2024

empty tomb

Oblivious to Jesus

Jesus’ first resurrection appearance was to Mary Magdalene, but she initially didn’t even recognize Him. Why would somebody who was present for the crucifixion and burial of Jesus and a witness to the pronouncement of the angels that He was alive be oblivious to Him when He appeared?
life changing

Life Changing Words

We often use the phrase “life-changing experience” pretty loosely. But there are experiences that change who we are and the course our life is going to take. Jesus should be one of them….
reaching for Jesus

He Knows Just What You Need

It feels good when you are so close to someone that you feel like they know your every thought and emotion. It feels disappointing when that same person who usually knows you just can’t seem to understand. Throughout the Gospel accounts, Jesus showed over and over again that He knew exactly what was on the hearts and minds of everyone He ever encountered. Jesus knows just what you need; He’ll never let you down. How does this affect our trust and faith in Him?
embarrassment saving miracle

The Embarrassment Saving Miracle

Throughout His ministry, Jesus performed many miracles. Some provided life-saving remedies for incurable medical conditions, some rescued people from the crippling bondage of demon possession, and some brought loved ones back from the dead. But His very first miracle was not as dire or complex as any of these. Why, then, is it so significant?