BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 6

BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 6

BYG Scotland Mission trip Day 6

Thursday was another good day for us in Perth with blue skies but with a cool breeze most of the day, so was a little more bearable while inside the buildings.  We all got to sleep until 9:30am as our morning activity was meeting the youth club kids and their mums for a BBQ at a city park.  The team met at Quarrymill Park for the BBQ around 10:30am and Scott brought 12 youth club kids and 3 mums to meet us and spend a few hours together.  It was neat meeting the mums of the youth club kids we have been conducting HBC for with kids attending over the last 3 years.  The BYG team and kids played soccer, explored a near by stream, the boys threw balls, the girls braided flowers into their hair and the adults visited some with the mums.  The parents of Allana (Scott’s girlfriend) came up from Cumbernauld to BBQ burgers, sausages and chicken for us as a gift to our team for all of our work over the years with Scott and Perth.  Let me tell you, the chicken was to die for due to a special marinade they use for 24 marination.  Thanks Ron and Aireen for cooking and PCOC for the great BBQ and perfect weather!pAfter packing up the BBQ, we headed across town to conduct our last day of HBC ?.  Even though the attendance is down this year for various reasons, we have built a strong relationship with the youth club kids and don’t want this to be our last day.  Being together with many of them at the BBQ was refreshing and allowed us to spend quality time with them outside HBC setting.  Our last day subject was confidence in evangelism, a word and action many we expect don’t know about.  We had 7 of the 12 from the BBQ make the trip to HBC where the consisted of

  • Jeremy opening us up with an overview of evangelism, some songs and plans for the day
  • Play by the BYG actors…the kids could not wait for it as they love it.  
  • Snacks and activity to build structures out of twizzlers and toothpicks like crowns, houses, etc
  • Lesson by Jeremy where he showed some funny videos from YouTube which went viral.  The point was how these funny videos have reached over 1 million+ people for something silly and person making hem had no real idea how big it would be vs what happened on day of Pentecost and how 3,000+ Christians spread the news of salvation to the world. 
  • Ben and Todd I talked more about evangelism from the Bible and how they can and do evangelize today and may not know it.  I also shared the story about how Scott became a Christian from one friend of his at high school (2008) continued to ask him to come to the Cumbernauld youth club.  That friends persistent Evangelistic and loving approach to get Scott to come to the youth club and Adam Barr and others interest in Scott led to him deciding to become a preacher to Buford Church of Christ from USA supporting him as a preacher to BYG missionary team being in Perth in 2018.  Without that friends evangelism approach, we most likely would not be in Perth teaching HBC.  This resonated with a few girls as one said “I finally came because Roberta kept asking me to go to youth club and wanted her to stop asking me”…and that girl stayed in youth club who asked her friend to come and all three now attend weekly youth club.  God is Great! 
  • A craft where the kids decorated glass jars
  • A outdoor crab soccer match and then hanging outside
  • Closing our 2018 HBC with tons of hugs, tears and a group picture.  

The HBC has been a success this week (and the BYG team has been encouraged by what Scott, Allana, Maurice and Polly are doing through the youth club for planting and watering seeds.  Plus the PCOC Body has been encouraged by us being here, they many times get down from working so hard to only be disappointed by the people of Perth.  In the end, we have together planted seeds we will now pray to God to provide the growth and for the PCOC Body to be ready to harvest sooner than later.  May God continue to strengthen His servants at PCOC and soften the hearts of Perth people to see The Way.  May God continue to be The Glory!

Thanks Jeremy and Ben for tag teaming to cover the lessons/songs/overviews, thanks to the girls for making the snacks, crafts and activities run so smooth, to Elizabeth for making sure all aspects of HBC ran smoothly and the BYG team for the awesome plays!

After we said our goodbyes to our friends at HBC, the group met for a traditional Scottish carvery tea.  And somehow some massive desserts got purchased shared among many top off a great week of HBC.  

After our group tea, we headed back to the community center for the last night of the Gospel meeting.  We had 32 in attendance from 5 different Scotland congregations.  I led signing, Ben opened us with prayer and Jeremy brought us another great lesson on Confidence in evangelism.  His message from the Bible challenged us to understand the message, the messenger and the method.  It was a great way to end our gospel meeting and HBC reminding ourselves and equipping our thoughts to go out and tell others about Christ with deep confidence, period!  Thanks Jeremy for a great gospel meeting!  

Scott closed the gospel meeting for PCOC by recognizing Jeremy and providing a hand painted picture by Scott’s aunt Perth waterfront on the river Tay and Victoria bridge.    One ‘designer/artist’ to another and 1 of 1 pictures like this anywhere!

We closed the night with fellowship and a early turn in to the hotel/host homes (9:45pm midnight ?) as we head to the Highlands and hunt for Nessie on Loch Ness tomorrow at 8am.  We will see three castles, stop over in Inverness for lunch and supper and search for the Loch Ness monster.  With us luck.  

In Him

Todd and BYG Missionaries