BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 7

BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 7

BYG Scotland Mission trip Day 7

Greetings to you somewhere in the Highlands as we drive back from Inverness to Perth.  We had a great postcard Scotland day with cooler temps, plenty of sun and blue skies.  We started the day at 8am ready to spend a full day together taking in what northern Scotland has to offer from castles, Lochs, Bens (mountains), Glens (valleys) and quaint cities.  

The morning consisted of

  • Visit to Queens View on Loch Tummel near Atholl Queen Victoria visited the area during her visits to Scotland and was one of her favorite spots in Scotland
  • After navigating very narrow and winding Highland roads, we visited Blair castle, a private family home for the Murray Clan open to the public.  We enjoyed the self guided tour and for those that watch Victoria on BBC, season two series were film in and around the castle.  
  • After a quick but fun visit to Blair castle, we headed to Inverness driving through the Highlands where we enjoyed wide open vistas of tall green/brown Bens and long Glen views.  The mini bus was full of singing as Jeremy had everyone request 5 of their favorite songs for a BYG playlist.  

Due to our schedule being slightly behind and the need to be at the Loch Ness boat ride with a fixed time, we skipped Inverness for the first part of trip.  

The afternoon consisted of 

  • Loch Ness speed boat in search of Nessie or the Loch Ness monster…BYG was surprised and excited about the trip.  We saw two castles (one an event venue not for £25K a day), where a German WWII plane wrecked but was persevered by the cold peat waters, stopped over the deepest part Loch Ness 850 deep feet (enough to cover up the Eiffel Tower of Paris), Urquhart Castle (from ancient Highlanders and Jacobite forces) and cranking the two 150hp motors to full for speed, donuts, jumping wakes and flat out moving in the water.  It was the way to tour Loch Ness on sunny and hot warm day (would not suggest for a rainy windy cool day).
  • Grabbing some cafe food while we waited for the speed boat company to retrieve Rebekah’s cell phone from Loch Ness where she dropped it by mistake getting off the boat and Abby’s wallet who dropped it in to Loch Ness while trying to help spot where Rebekah’s phone sank ?.  We all laughed about it when the staff retrieved and marked up to a fun story from our many so far this trip!  Rebekah’s phone was still on when retrieved which was amazing…she was able to find some rice to put the phone into to hopefully dry it out.  The phone was under water for over 45 minutes about 4 feet deep near the docks of Loch Ness.  Abby’s wallet was wet but nothing harmed…she was glad to at least get her licenses back!  Maybe Nessie was involved wanting something from us for going so fast on the boat?!?!? ?.  
  • Touring the ruins of Urquhart castle on the banks for Loch Ness.  We saw this castle from the boat but did not realize how big and beautiful it was.  This castle controlled northern Scotland as it was in a strategic location down the great glen towards Fort Williams to the South.  
    It was blown up by the Grant clan who were loyal to the Protestant kings of the house of Orange to prevent the Catholic McDonalds (Jacobite supporters) from reclaiming their ancient seat of power.  Not since the 13th Century has an Englishman set foot in Urquhart in anger.

  • Inverness dinner @ Encore where we had a mixture of Scottish and contemporary food.  Plus we celebrated Rebekah’s birthday who got a Scottish and USA happy birthday song with a candle to blow out on her warm brownie!  Happy Birthday Rebekah!  We also watched Brazil ?? play Belgium ?? in the World Cup, Belgium won to delight of most Scottish!
  • After dinner, we all shopped some downtown and the went to Hootananys to listen to a Scottish folk band.  Unfortunately, the band did not show up for a 9pm performance.  So we all decided to play some Scottish folk songs in the mini bus on our drive back to Perth.

We headed south back to Perth due to arrive around midnight.  We sang songs of all genre, some slept and we enjoyed being with each other with Scott and Allana.  

The day of sight seeing was beyond words for what Scotland had to offer, every hour packed and plenty of laughing/fellowship.  

Thanks for your prayers and off to Edinburgh tomorrow to enjoy the capital city of Scotland. 

In Him

Todd and BYG Missionaries