BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 9.5

BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 9.5

BYG Scotland Mission Trip Day 9.5

Greetings from Perth as we close out another successful campaign with PCOC!  We have planted many seeds while here and know Scott and the PCOC Body will cultivate and water for future harvesting.

We had a great Sunday worshipping and in fellowship with our PCOC brothers and sisters.  The day consisted of

  • Bible class at 10am where I brought a lesson from 2 Peter 1 on confirming your election and calling.  The lesson from Peter tied into our weeks theme on Confidence and not being ashamed of being a Christian.  Plus knowing we have an abundant entrance into heaven.  
  • Scott opened our worship period, Ben led the singing, Maurice and I read passages from the Old and New Testament, Scott presided over the Lords Supper and Jeremy preached.  Jeremy’s lesson addressed bitterness from King Saul towards David and God as an opposite to Confidence and how it will ruin your life.  After worship, we sad goodbye to Roberta (aka Bob) and all changed for a trip to St Andrews about 1.5 hours Drive for our afternoon worship and some sight seeing.
  • In St Andrews, we headed to the pier out into the North Sea to have a devotional led by Scott.  After some songs of praise looking over a bay of the North Sea, Scott brought us a lesson on the deep history of religion in the area.  We learned from Scott, the Catholic Church had a hold on Great Britain with the Church of England and Scotland splitting from Rome but very with similar practices but after Martin Luther thesis nailed to a door in Germany,  Europe bursted into a division of the people and war for over 100 years.  The division caused many protesters (later referred to the Protestants with base word ‘protest’) to challenge the Roman Catholic Church and St Andrews was a key spot where John Knox (from Edinburgh area and his house is still there on the Royal mike), with others, started the Reformation in the 1500’s.  The St Andrews citizens took John Knox’s powerful speeches literally and tore down St Andrews massive Cathedral stone-by-stone who then built their houses and shops out of the stone, see the pictures for ruined cathedral and homes made of of the stone.  This reformation literal approach happened all over Scotland and into England, even into Perth but the St John’s Cathedral was spared from being torn down.  Fast forward to 1700’s, Alexander Campbell attended St Andrews University and began the Restoration movement in a effort to go back to the original Word and practices.   He teamed up with the Sandemanian’s who helped the Restoration movement in Europe while Campbell went to USA (Note – as a kid growing up the 60’s early 70’s, I can remember being called a Campbellite’s or someone saying you must part of the Campbell’s).  Fast forward to 2018, here we sat next to the North Sea coming full circle back to Scotland yards away where the Reformation movement heated up and one of the Restoration movement leaders began his work to tell others to get back to the Bible.  Here we are now with our Scottish brothers and sisters (who we might not have known if not for The Word) planting the seed of God in the hearts of the Scotland people over 500 years later, God is Great and His Word is powerful and changes lives!  Bottom line, Scott tied what the 1st century Christians did for the world to the Reformation movement as an attempt to change back to the Bible to the Restoration movement to get back to the Bible to us sitting as planters.  He thanked us for coming and we would never know what our visit and work means to him and PCOC congregation.  God is Great!  
  • After the devotional, we spent about 2 hours in St Andrews taking in the sites, grabbing fish n chips and for a few die-hart golfers, visiting the home of golf, St Andrews Old Course.  Betsy actually shed a tear when she saw the old course and walking onto the 18th green.  Jeremy, Ben, Betsy and I walked some of the course and made our way to a very famous stone bridge on the 18th fairway where all the greats of golf from Tom Morris (founder of Old Course) to Bobby Jones (an Atlanta lawyer who started the Masters and won The Open as an amateur in 1921)  to Ben Hogan to Arnold Palmer to Jack Nicklaus to Tom Watson to Tiger Woods and so in have walked.  It was a special experience to share with Betsy and the sunny blue skies made a picturesque back drop.  Ben related this moment to walking on Bama’s football field and Jeremy to seeing Marvels studios.  Also, most of the group made a quick trip to the beach to dip their toe into the North Sea as he temps outside were near 80.  In the end, all had a great visit to St Andrews and all were glad we added this to our agenda as normally Sunday afternoon is held for lacking and regrouping before our trip Monday home. 
  • The evening back in Perth consisted of a a group going to the Jurassic World movie at the quaint Perth Theatre and another group playing board games/cards back at Scott’s.  We all got back to our hotel/hosts around 10:30pm. 

Our last full day in Scotland was great from worshipping in Perth and St Andrews to our  fellowship to closing out our 2018 BYG mission trip. 

Thanks for your prayers and continue to pray for the seeds we planted will produce fruit soon for The PCOC Body can harvest soon.  May God be the Glory!

Next stops – Atlanta and Buford!

In Him

Todd and BYG Missionaries