Love, Our Answer

      As I was taking a Christian Ethics class at a seminary, I proposed a term paper. My proposal was that “righteousness could be the answer to most of the questions of Christian Ethics.” The professor turned it down, saying, “You are saying my job is not necessary.” I still believe the thesis is true and what the Bible teaches. Since the subject of justice is prominent in this country, I would like to share this idea with…
dream of unity

A Dream We Are Fighting For

    In the Summer of 2009, one semester before finishing my first Bible degree at Freed-Hardeman University, my family was invited on a trip with the Korean ministers in the United States. That was my first time meeting with some ministers of the Korean churches of Christ. Most of them were retired from ministry or getting ready to retire. They were the first generation of the Korean churches of Christ ministers and their wives in the United States. They…

Diversity Glorifies God

  The world is beautiful because it is diverse. People are beautiful because they are different. Nature would not be so beautiful if it were not so diverse. A beautiful chorus is impossible without various tones and colors of voices. All of this beauty comes from diversity, which God created. Thus, diversity is the design of God, and harmony among diverse creatures glorifies His name. A work that God assigned to His people is reaching unity in diversity through love…