Buford is a congregation involved in the work of the Lord and serving in the church together. There are many events you can get involved in. See the details of each event or visit Ministry pages.

The church calendar is maintained by the office. To schedule an event, members should submit a Facility Scheduling Request.


Nov 29, 2020

Sunday Bible Classes (9am)

ABOUT THIS EVENT It is important that we all continue to study God’s Word and Bible classes help facilitate our continued growth. Classes have been designed to aid in your study. Fall Quarter we are offering classes in different formats and mediums for all age groups. Visit our education page on the website for details. EVENT DETAILS Visit our Watch Live page for an adult class (also in-person in the auditorium). There are other class options for all ages either…
Nov 30, 2020


ABOUT THIS EVENT Monday Night Out is a used for a time of Bible study & fellowship. EVENT DETAILS Monday nights year round unless noted. See the bulletin for details.
Dec 2, 2020

Wednesday Bible Study

ABOUT THIS EVENT Wednesdays we have an adult class and BYG class meeting in-person and online. EVENT DETAILS View the Bible class information sheet. EDU_HandoutFallQtr2020  
Dec 5, 2020

BYG Christmas Party

ABOUT THIS EVENT The BYG will get together for a Christmas party. EVENT DETAILS TBD