Buford is a congregation involved in the work of the Lord and serving in the church together. There are many events you can get involved in. See the details of each event or visit Ministry pages.

The church calendar is maintained by the office. To schedule an event, members should submit a Facility Scheduling Request.


Dec 1, 2020

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class

ABOUT THIS EVENT Ladies of all ages come together for Bible study, fellowship and community service. The class examines the scriptures each class and then makes application to our lives as Christian women serving God. We are a group of varying ages who love to study God’s word! EVENT DETAILS Current Study: The class will finish the book of Acts, beginning with Paul’s second missionary journey. Teacher – Pat Owens Location – Annex 2 Auditorium (Limited seating to 30) Live-streamed (Member…
Dec 1, 2020

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class Fellowship Lunch

ABOUT THIS EVENT Ladies Tuesday Morning Bible class will meet after class for a fellowship luncheon. EVENT DETAILS There will be a guest speaker this day in Class. Pat Iverson will be teaching class. Topic: Spiritual Spa Day Bring your sack lunch and plan on staying and fellowshipping with us after class in the Fellowship Hall.
Dec 3, 2020

Ladies Christmas Craft Exchange

about this event Ladies get together for fellowship, a meal, and craft gift exchange. This is the time to get crafty! Make a homemade Christmas craft or store bought home Christmas decor item to exchange. EVENT DETAILS Bring a wrapped homemade Christmas craft or store bought home decor item if you wish to participate in the exchange game. If not, just join us for the meal and fellowship! Sign-up here or at the Involvement Center and mark what food item…