Guidelines – Wedding

Guidelines – Wedding


From time to time the congregation receives requests from couples seeking to use the church building for their wedding. The following guidelines have been established by the elders and are expected to be applied and adhered to on an ongoing basis.

1. At least one of the engaged couple or members of their immediate family must be a member of the Buford church of Christ.

2. The date set for the wedding must not conflict with scheduled church building usage. All requested dates must be verified and approved through the church office.

3. The couple will meet with the Minister within 30 days of reserving the church facilities for the wedding to ensure proper understanding of the established guidelines, and compliance with expectations the building will be used to the honor and glory of God.

4. The person performing the ceremony must be a member of the Church of Christ.

5. All planned wedding music must be submitted to the church office and approved at least 15 days prior to the wedding. We consider the wedding to be a civil ceremony, but it must be conducted decently and orderly. Religious music with instrumental accompaniment is unacceptable.

6. The Fellowship Hall may be reserved and used for a reception following the wedding, if desired.

7. There will be no alcoholic beverage served or smoking allowed within the church buildings or on the church grounds.

8. Decorating Restrictions:
Products containing glitter are prohibited throughout the facility.  Candles may be used, but must have a drip tray to collect wax.

9. The custodial staff of the Buford Church of Christ will provide all cleanup of the building, including the removal of floral arrangements, and the positioning of furniture/fixtures after the wedding is concluded.

10. An Auditorium mandatory fee of $200.00 will be charged for each wedding for the purpose of covering custodial services. Use of any other part of the facility is restricted to the rooms on the Auditorium level (Main Floor) of the building.

A. An additional mandatory fee of $200.00 will be charged, if the Fellowship Hall is reserved for a reception following the wedding. The fee includes: reset of tables and chairs, sweeping fellowship hall area, moping kitchen floor, vacuuming hallways and foyer, cleaning bathrooms and securing the facilities after the reception. The Wedding Party is responsible for the removal of all decorations, washing all dishes/utensils, removal of trash from kitchen and fellowship hall (trash should be placed in the garbage cans located in the alley outside of the kitchen). If church linen tablecloths are used, the wedding party will be responsible for the cleaning and return to the church building within 7 days of the wedding date.

B. Payment will be made in no more than 2 equal installments.
The 1st payment will be made at the time the facilities are reserved. The initial payment will be for $100 if only the auditorium is being reserved or $200 if both the wedding and reception are held at the church’s facility. The initial deposit check will be held by the church office until the event is completed.
The 2nd payment will be made at least 7 days prior to the wedding, in the same manner as the initial payment.

All payments by check should be written directly to the person providing custodial service:
Rebecca Gunter      Auditorium Fee $200
Laurie Gunter         Fellowship Hall Fee $200

11. The Audio/Visual facilities must be managed by an authorized, trained member of the church’s audio/visual staff. A fee of $100.00 must be paid for that member’s services. Payment will be made at least 1 week in advance of the wedding. Payment by check should be written directly to the trained member of the staff designated to provide their services.