Buford Kids – 4th Grade

Buford Kids – 4th Grade

Buford Kids Bible Class – 4th grade

Welcome to our class! Ms. Pat Owens and Ms. Tamera Holzer are excited you have decided to join them in studying the book of Acts. Each chapter is tied to a letter of the alphabet representing the key theme; Chapter 1 – A, Chapter 2 – B, Chapter 3 – C…. and so on. We will review the previous lessons adding a new chapter/letter each week. Sometimes, we will have a Zoom (video conferencing) session to be able to have interaction with the students. Activities to reinforce the lesson will be an option for the student.

The class is designed to watch one lesson weekly.

Lesson 1 – The ABC’s of Acts
Lesson 2 – Acts 1 Ascension
Lesson 3 – Acts 2 Beginning of the Church
Lesson 4 – Acts 3 Cripple Man Healed

Lesson 5 – Acts 4

Lesson 6 – Acts 5 (Part 1)
Lesson 7 – Acts 5 (Part 1)