Buford Kids – Old Testament Studies

Buford Kids – Old Testament Studies

Buford Kids Bible Class – Old Testament STUDIES

Listed here are a series of Old Testament Lessons. NEST Videos have been recorded for parents to watch with their children each week (approx. 30 minutes) for an in-home Bible class. Worksheets that pertain to the lesson are provided so parents can work with their children after watching the class.

Worksheets were mailed to members for this series on 12/17. If you need a printed copy mailed to you, please contact the church office to request them and include your mailing address and grade levels. They are also provided here to print.

Note: Workbooks were mailed to our members on Thursday, 12/17. Workbooks can also be viewed by clicking on the corresponding age group lesson section below.

Lessons in handout booklets (Video playlist may not be in this order):

  1.  Abraham and Isaac
  2. Moses
  3. Joseph in Egypt
  4. Joseph’s Reunion
  5. Samuel
  6. David & Goliath
  7. Solomon
  8. Daniel
  9. Esther
  10. Ruth
  11. Elijah
  12. Elisha

View the playlist drop-down menu to select the next lesson you are studying.