Guidelines – Facility

Guidelines – Facility

Facility, Tables  and  Chairs  Usage  Guidelines

The Fellowship Hall and/or Tables and Chairs may be reserved for usage by members for appropriate social, benevolent or educational purposes, subject to the following criteria/conditions.

1. Request Form located online or below the Announcement Box at the Welcome Center will be completed, and signed by the member making the request and placed in the Announcement Box.

2. Person(s) requesting usage will be a member of the Buford congregation and the requester will assume full responsibility for any damage or loss to the property not covered by the congregation’s property insurance. The Buford congregation waives any right of subrogation against a member which might arise against the member for payments made by the congregation’s insurance carrier.

3. Usage of the building and usage of the tables and chairs, away from the premises, must be for non-commercial purpose. Use will not involve income producing, profit, or revenue raising activities.

4. Planned activities should not exceed 3 hours in duration for building usage, nor over 24 hours for use of tables and chairs away from the premises. There can be no conflict with regularly scheduled church services or an activity previously scheduled on the calendar.

5. The request form will be reviewed by the appropriate person. If there are no conflicts, the person approving the request form will note the calendar and advise the requester of approval or possible conflict.

6. After usage all tables, chairs and other property will be returned to the location they were in before the usage activity. Premises and property used must be cleaned after usage. All trash will be removed from the fellowship area and be placed in the outside dumpster provided on the church property.

7. Food, supplies and materials for non-congregational activities will be provided by the requester(s).

8. No smoking, dancing or consumption of alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises.