Faith Studies – Pre-teen

Faith Studies – Pre-teen

Faith Studies – Pre-Teen

Faith Studies is structured for pre-teens who are contemplating what their life will be like as a Christian. Students will be systematically taken through a series of studies to spark their interest in what it takes to become a Christian and the practices necessary to maintain a strong Faith. Studies will include a heavy emphasis on God as our Eternal Life source, Jesus as the Son of God, the Bible as our Life Text, Truth in a world of confusion, and Service to God.  As a result, students should begin developing their own faith and strategies to begin the life of a Christian.

Class Teachers: Ben Burnette, John Iverson, Jr, John Iverson Sr & Stanley Mills

The class is designed to watch one lesson weekly. Go to the next class in your study.

Lesson 1 – The Most Important Question in the World
Lesson 2 – How Do We Prove God Is Real?
Lesson 3 – The First Cause
Lesson 4 – Our Unique Universe
Lesson 5 – Amazing Animals (Part 1)
Lesson 6 – Amazing Animals (Part 2)