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Fix Your Beatitude

In Matthew 4:23-25, we find Jesus in the infancy of His earthly ministry traveling the area of Galilee, preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all types of sickness and demon possession. From all of this Jesus starts to amass a large crowd of people following him from city to city. It’s on this particular trek that He finds Himself at the foot of one of the “mountains” on the shore of the sea of Galilee. Matthew 5:1-2 tells…

Why Linger With Lot?

  In the Summer of 1950 the city of Flagstaff, Maine was a city about to be utterly and irreversibly destroyed by floodwaters. The local residents not only knew about it before hand, but they knew upwards to a year out of the city’s termination. The awaited flooding wasn’t because of some predicted force of nature, but rather the decision of man. The local government was building a hydroelectric dam near Flagstaff and had plans to purposefully flood the area…

Be Prepared

This Summer the BYG is engaged in a series in which we’re studying the King of Kings entitled, “Lion of Judah.” In this series we’re studying major moments in the life of Christ somewhat through the lens of certain lines or moments from the classic movie Lion King. So far, we’ve learned about how Christ broke through the “circle of life” by being able to offer a new life through His death, we’ve also been able to learn from His…

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This lesson is a part of our 2022 Adult Wednesday Summer Series “JESUS: A More Excellent Name.” Area speakers come to present lessons. 4 having become as much superior to angels as the name He has inherited is more excellent than theirs.” Hebrews 1:4

Youth Minister & Leadership

John Burnette

John Burnette

OVERSEES YOUTH MINISTRY Areas of Oversight: Youth Ministry, Buford Leadership Training BLT (Lads to Leaders), and Camp Inagehi

Chad Allen

OVERSEES 5TH-8TH GRADE TEENS & WORSHIP SONG LEADERS Oversees Youth Devotionals and Events. Contact Chad to get involved in this age group. Let him know if you are interested in leading singing during worship.

J Hall

YOUTH MINISTER J Hall began working with our young people as Youth Minister on January 2, 2019. He came to Buford from the Central congregation in Tuscaloosa, AL where he was the Youth and Family Minister for 4 years. J is originally from Gardendale, AL. J is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, in May 2014 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Bible; with Minors in Youth & Family Studies and Psychology. J began his early ministry training as a Youth…

Jack Thompson

OVERSEES 9TH-12TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals, Events and Sunday Bible Classes. Contact Jack to get involved in this age group.