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    The law of “Cause & Effect” is one that we as humans are keenly aware of. The idea that certain actions or events will inevitably lead to certain effects is something we become familiar with at an extremely young age.  As we grow and mature the reality of just how prevalent this law is in every aspect of our lives (health, finances, social, relationships, etc.) only become clearer. A good example of how we recognize this pattern can…

The Pause that Refreshes

  In the late 1920s, America’s economy was heading into a depression. Robert Woodruff, Coca-Cola’s president, was looking for a way to set Coke apart from other soft drinks and make it more appealing at a time when people were struggling financially. Life for the individual was getting busier in a more modern world and Woodruff wanted to encourage people to slow down and take time to enjoy Coke and to drink it often. His hope was to make Coca-Cola…
cautionary tale

A Cautionary Tale

As defined, a cautionary tale is a story told in folklore, to warn its hearer of a danger. These stories are often told by parents or caring adults to younger children to teach them valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do in certain situations. One trademark part of these tales is the over-exaggerated details and consequences that are made up to stress the impact of the lesson being taught. From the danger of swallowing watermelon seeds…

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Allen Read

7TH-8TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals and Events. Contact Allen to get involved in this age group.

J Hall

YOUTH MINISTER J Hall began working with our young people as Youth Minister on January 2, 2019. J and his wife Hannah came to Buford from the Central congregation in Tuscaloosa, AL where J was the Youth and Family Minister for 4 years. J is originally from Gardendale, AL and Hannah is from Nolensville, TN (Nashville area) where she grew up attending the Crieve Hall congregation. J and Hannah have been married 5 years. J and Hannah are both graduates…

Jack Thompson

OVERSEES 9TH-12TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals, Events and Sunday Bible Classes. Contact Jack to get involved in this age group.
John Burnette

John Burnette

OVERSEES YOUTH MINISTRY Areas of Oversight: K-12th Grades, Buford Leadership Training BLT (Lads to Leaders), Camp Inagehi, VBS and Premarital Counseling.