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Head and the Heart

The Head & the Heart

      The Roman empire from centuries ago was (and is still) known for its massive military dominance over surrounding countries and enemies. Rome engaged better-trained men on the battlefield, improved weaponry fit for their fighting style, and most of all, they were trained in superior tactics. Early on, however, there existed one major systematic flaw that hamstrung them time and time again. At any given battle, on any given day, Rome employed two separate Generals who took turns…

“Moving On, but Falling Back”

    Have you ever heard of the doorway effect before? More than likely it’s happened to you numerous times before in your life. It may have even happened to you this morning as you prepared for worship! The doorway effect is the psychological principle that explains why we often forget things after we walk into a new room. Science seems to prove that when we change our physical environments, as we simply transition from one room to the next,…

“Why linger with Lot?”

  In the Summer of 1950 the city of Flagstaff, Maine was a city about to be utterly and irreversibly destroyed by floodwaters. The residents not only knew about it beforehand, but they knew upwards to a year out of the city’s termination. The awaited flooding wasn’t because of some predicted force of nature, but rather the decision of man. The local government was building a hydroelectric dam near Flagstaff and had plans to purposefully flood the area to create…

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Youth Minister & Leadership


Allen Read

7TH-8TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals and Events. Contact Allen to get involved in this age group.

J Hall

YOUTH MINISTER J Hall began working with our young people as Youth Minister on January 2, 2019. J and his wife Hannah came to Buford from the Central congregation in Tuscaloosa, AL where J was the Youth and Family Minister for 4 years. J is originally from Gardendale, AL and Hannah is from Nolensville, TN (Nashville area) where she grew up attending the Crieve Hall congregation. J and Hannah have been married 5 years. J and Hannah are both graduates…

Jack Thompson

OVERSEES 9TH-12TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals, Events and Sunday Bible Classes. Contact Jack to get involved in this age group.
John Burnette

John Burnette

OVERSEES YOUTH MINISTRY Areas of Oversight: K-12th Grades, Buford Leadership Training BLT (Lads to Leaders), Camp Inagehi, VBS and Premarital Counseling.

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