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The truth

Jesus Is The Truth

Does truth matter to you? That almost seems like a foolish question because the answer is most likely a resounding YES! When someone lies to us, we are often filled with anger. We feel betrayed, like someone did not feel that my relationship with them was worth sharing what actually happened. When a child lies about a situation that they were in or about something their sibling did, the child deserves punishment. When an adult lies about something in the…

You Have No Idea

What does it mean to walk a mile in someone’s shoes? I’ve heard that phrase used all my life, but it’s one that still makes me stop and think each time I hear it used. “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” is a variation of the saying, “You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” It is attributed to Native American tribes and from the 1895 poem by Mary T. Lathrap, Judge Softly, with its…
samaritan woman

Empty Arms with Full Hearts

In John chapter 4 we have Jesus talking to someone who, according to the apostles and the Jews of that day, He has no business talking to. Culturally speaking, Jesus is crossing a line by having this conversation that completely shocks His apostles. In John 4:27 we have their reaction described as, “…At this point, His disciples came, and they were amazed that He had been speaking with a woman…” The word used there to describe their reaction to what Jesus…

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Youth Minister & Leadership

Youth Minister (Feb. 2023)

Ben McGreevy

The elders are excited to announce that Ben McGreevy has accepted Buford’s invitation to work with our young people as our new Youth Minister beginning in February 2023! Ben has been the Youth Minister at South Gate church of Christ in Columbia, TN since 2018. Over the last four years, Ben has served on the board of two youth ministry conferences. He has also served on the board of Maury Christian Camp. Ben graduated from Tennessee Tech University in 2018…
John Burnette

John Burnette

OVERSEES YOUTH MINISTRY Areas of Oversight: Youth Ministry, Buford Leadership Training BLT (Lads to Leaders), and Camp Inagehi

Chad Allen

OVERSEES 5TH-8TH GRADE TEENS & WORSHIP SONG LEADERS Oversees Youth Devotionals and Events. Contact Chad to get involved in this age group. Let him know if you are interested in leading singing during worship.

Jack Thompson

OVERSEES 9TH-12TH GRADE TEENS Oversees Youth Devotionals, Events and Sunday Bible Classes. Contact Jack to get involved in this age group.