sunday live-streaming bible class


HEBREWS – A textual study on one of the richest texts in the New Testament. This class will reveal how the Old & New Testaments blend together perfectly and how the perfect Jesus is present and superior over them both. Is the perfect Savior present and superior above all else in your life?

  • Time: 9AM
  • Teachers: Jack Thompson, John Burnette and J Hall
  • Location: Upper Room In-Person & BYG-online here
  • Option to remain for 10AM Worship in Upper Room
wed LIVE-STREAMING Bible class

Soul Food_BYG

SOUL FOOD – A topical study on the importance of Bible study in your life. Our bodies crave certain foods at certain times, but what does our soul crave every day? This class will outline not only how God’s Word is the nourishment our soul needs (Matt. 4:4), but also how we go about handling this biblical diet. Is your soul starving for better Bible study?

  • Time: 7PM
  • Teachers: J Hall & SEAL Team Leaders
  • Location: Pavilion In-Person & BYG-online here (Upper Room and the building on SEAL team nights)

Links to Zoom Sessions will be posted here and on social media prior to an event. You are not required to create a Zoom account to participate. Click the link and join in the group session!