Community Programs

Community Programs


Interacting with our community is important in building relationships and sharing the love of God. Each of these groups meet different needs for different age groups. Information is provided and includes the ways you can get involved.

Georgia School of Preaching

ABOUT GSOP We are an educational institution sponsored by and affiliated with churches of Christ in Georgia. Our sponsoring congregation is the Piedmont Road church of Christ in Marietta, Georgia. The Piedmont Road elders oversee the overall operation of Georgia School of Preaching (GSOP) statewide, with assistance from elderships from congregations where secondary campuses are located. GSOP is a tuition free system of Bible-based instruction designed to prepare not only preachers, but all Christians for effective, fruitful service in the…

Sonflower Preschool

ABOUT SONFLOWER PRESCHOOL The mission of the Sonflower Preschool is to provide a safe, loving, and Christian learning environment for children entrusted to our care. All personnel are committed to this mission and will strive to serve your child and your family as you seek to serve God. Bible study is a part of each school day’s activities. Our curriculum will encourage growth in all areas: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and mental. Each child will be guided and encouraged to…

블루트리 영어 교실

Buford Church of Christ is complying with the growth of the Korean community near the city of Buford. We offer a Korean translation of the worship and other important services. We also are offering the Korean community quality English classes. 특징 모든 수업의 컨텐츠를 영어로 사용함으로써 자연스럽게 영어에 접하게 하는 Contents-Based Teaching 방식으로 다양한 수준의 영어실력을 가진 분들이 함께 할 수 있습니다. 영어제2외국어 교육 석사 학위를 미국에서 취득한 전문적인 영어 강사가 직접 교재를 준비하여 전하는 수업입니다 (아래 프로필 참조). 강사가…