As Christians, we do our best to follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. After God raised Him from the dead, Jesus told His disciples that they should spread the good news of salvation throughout the world. In addition, Jesus told His followers to teach everyone how to become disciples and how to live as children of God. Our goal through our Bible classes is to:

  • Equip, enable and empower each student to be a strong spiritual servant for God via a Christ-like life with the Bible as the only foundation.
  • To understand God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
  • Know how God relates to creation, faith, the Gospel, the Church, His revealed plan for salvation, church worship/organization, living a Christian life, and love
  • Know the who, where, when, why and how for the key subjects of God’s Word that will help each of us grow closer to God in our everyday life.
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We encourage you to engage is a Bible class as a student to spiritually grow deeper in God’s Word. 




BufordKids_Infantto4thlogoBuford Kids focus is on the core foundations of God’s Love and Jesus through Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. The goal is to study in a chronological approach, 230 Old Testament studies and 180 New Testament studies at least twice from the time a young child enters Cradle Roll until the completion of the 4th grade. Within these age groups as they mature, the curriculum will help each student “learn” the core foundations of God’s Word.  The foundation will help prepare them for the next studies in the 5th and 6th grade. Classes are held in-person. Members also have access to previously recorded study options:


FaithStudies_PreteenlogoFaith Studies is structured for pre-teens who are contemplating what their life will be like as a Christian. Students will be systematically taken through a series of studies to spark their interest in what it takes to become a Christian and the practices necessary to maintain a strong Faith. Studies will include a heavy emphasis on God as our Eternal Life source, Jesus as the Son of God, the Bible as our Life Text, Truth in a world of confusion, and Service to God.  As a result, students should begin developing their “own faith” and strategies to begin the life of a Christian. These classes will prepare each student for the next studies in 7th-12th grade. Classes are held in-person. Members also have access to previously recorded study options:



The Rooted studies for our Buford Youth Group, 7th-12th Grade, is a comprehensive foundation of faith. The aim of this program is to plant our students in God’s word, cultivate spiritual growth and give them the confidence to “stand firm” in their faith post-high school. We want to help our students dig deeper so that they can reach higher.

Classes are held in-person or for online study options:


FaithfulServantAdult_logobThe Faithful Servant Studies are designed to be a supplement to personal Bible Study. A variety of classes are offered to increase Bible knowledge, promote spiritual growth, equip and enable adults to be evangelistic and mission minded. Whether one is not a Christian and wants to learn how to become a faithful servant or is a maturing Christian trying to live out a faithful life, various class subjects are offered for everyone. To have a healthy relationship with God, each person needs to know Him and what He wants for and from them. Every adult is encouraged to think and pray about which class might be most helpful in living out a “faithful servant life.” Classes are held in-person or for online study options:


To keep teacher information up to date, please print, complete and return the appropriate form to one of our Education deacons. Contact one of the Education deacons directly for a Background Check Envelope and then follow the instructions.

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