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Young Families


Buford’s Young Families are a group of families striving to serve Christ in all we do – and most importantly in the way we begin our marriages and raise our families. This group has been blessed with lots of growth. We pray that God continues to bless our group with new families and friendships. Our group provides an environment of fellowship in Jesus Christ through which our friendships can grow, our families can be strengthened, and God can be glorified. We are committed to prayer, the studying of God’s Word, and living our lives in a manner consistent with God’s design. We commit our families to Him so that He will be the Builder of our homes.

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2nd wednesday fellowship

Join the Young Families for dinner on the 2nd Wednesday of every month in the Fellowship Hall. Bring dinner for your family. We will all eat together, fellowship, and let the kids play before Bible classes start.

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BK520 is a “Pew Packers-like” program that will promote the memorization of Bible verses and facts through song and repetition. At the conclusion of the nine-month program, engaged participants will have memorized a total of 32 Biblical concepts.  BK520 takes place on selected Sundays at 5:20 pm in the main auditorium. All ages are invited!!!

children & young families minister search

Buford is actively seeking to identify and hire our next Children & Young Families Minister.

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Teaching the Bible in the home is important and part of the plan God has entrusted parents with as His ambassadors. – Things to Consider & Teaching Tips

Bible Study Worksheets help children focus during family Bible studies. Here are a few that you can use:

In our technology age, there are several online resources. Remember to apply biblical oversight when using other resources besides the Bible. Here are just a few:


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