ABOUT Global Missions

In order to follow the command of Jesus to spread God’s word to all of the world, the church supports missionaries and groups that are willing to take the message of Christ and His church into all parts of the world. We have listed the mission efforts we are involved with. Please pray for these efforts and the good health and safety for those who serve.

If you have any interest in knowing more about our current works in these countries, please contact our Missions leadership.

Asia Agape (CHINA)

Overview . . . Serving the orphans in China for 19 years, the ASIA AGAPE Foundation (China Mission) operates five care centers (orphanages), each caring for up to one hundred orphans. Medical care and surgery for poor children in China with severe cases of congenital heart disease, cleft palate/lip and burns are performed in the U.S. and children are brought here for care. It was founded by an ordinary man who simply answered the call to help these children have a good life here on earth and ultimately get to heaven.

Buford . . . In 2013, Buford sponsored our first Mission Team to go and work with 2 care centers. And in 2014, 2015 and 2016, a group of Buford members chose to return to work and evangelize with those working in that area. Buford members have adopted two children with the help of Asia Agape. Other Buford members and groups are individual sponsors of children in the care centers, by giving financially.

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Chi Ekwenye – Susana Homes (Right Steps, Inc.)

Susana Homes consists of the residential facilities in Nigeria that receive children from birth to teens, rescuing them from a
situation of being orphaned, destitute, or some state of homelessness.

The majority of our efforts are for small children whose mothers have died during child birth and whose fathers are unable to supply the necessary supplement to care for them. There are also several other children who have been totally abandoned or orphaned, seriously ill, or in some way at risk. At Susana Homes, these children are cared for and are provided food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, education and spiritual guidance. Currently there are 70 children on the 26-acre property known as Susana Homes. Supporters can connect with a specific child through our child sponsorships. Susana Homes has become a light in the community, known as a place of rescue and hope.

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Edu Okorie (Nigeria)

Edu Okorie has served as a missionary since 1986. He completed his education at Lipscomb University and Tennessee State University. He then returned and has served in Nigeria for 28 years. The first 13 years were devoted towards planting the Lord’s church in the jungle of Nigeria. Realizing that the church grows faster where there are good Christian schools, Obong Christian (High School) and Sue Lamb (Nursery/Primary) schools were established. During this time, 17 local congregations were established in the village. In 1999, the jungle missionary moved to Uruk Ata Ikot Akpan to establish another congregation; since then there are now 8 with 50-180 members in each. More opportunities for Christian education were needed, so Nigerian Christian Academy (210 students in Junior/Senior High) and Vester and Charlene Waldron Christian (190 students in Nursery/Primary) schools were established.

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Jerry Hogg (South Africa)

Jerry Hogg, supported by his wife Ann, has worked with the college for many years. As part of Sunset International Bible Institute, Jerry has crossed Africa working with different preacher training programs. He writes books, study-guides and course materials. He is a SABC instructor, lectureship coordinator and dorm parent.

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John Farber (PANAMA)

John was influenced by the Lord’s work in Panama and Latin America for much of his life. As a child, he lived in Panama for more than two and a half years, while his father, Jack, served as the co-director of the Pan American Bible Institute and preached for the Church of Christ in Margarita, Colon. During the last 15 years, John has participated on campaigns in Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the San Blas Islands. Being a part of this great work has been very influential in the development of John’s faith from a very young age. John and his wife, Jocelyn, are blessed with one son, Aidan.

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Mani A. Pagidipalli (INDIA)
Dr. Mani Pagidipalli (M.D., D. Min) holds degrees from Freed-Hardeman, Bear Valley Bible Institute, Harding School of Theology, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He began his career as a medical surgeon and now uses his medical/surgical background as an avenue of outreach for the Gospel.  As an active preacher and evangelist in India, with the Mission India Outreach program, he follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.
Following an exploratory visit last year, we are adding a substantial investment in India.  We will continue to support Billy Simmons in his work and will begin to work with Dr. Mani Pagidipalli there.  The work there is tremendously varied but our primary focus will be supporting the Nandigama India Preacher Training Institute that Dr. Pagidipalli started several years ago.
The Nandigama India Preacher Training Institute is a custom made, uniquely designed Preacher Training Program designed to meet the ongoing and increasing demands of evangelistic follow up. After much prayer, contemplation and counsel, the three-year rigorous Preacher Training Program was launched in Fall 2015. The program is uniquely designed so that each student gets to spend one half of the day in the classroom gathering basic tools to be a preacher and an evangelist. The other half of the day, students are out in the villages and communities. They are simply following up on already made contacts through an area TV Program, Clean Water Projects, Free Medical Clinics etc. On the weekends, many of them go back to their villages to preach and be with their families while others travel hundreds of miles to study the Bible with various groups of villagers.
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Pacific Islands Bible College (PIBC)

THE CHALLENGE… Scattered between Hawaii and Australia, north and south of the Equator, east and west of the International Dateline are thousands of islands that make up 22 island countries, 30,000 islands with approximately 7 million people.

MEETING THE CHALLENGE… For 42 years, PIBC has taken the lead in carrying the gospel to 20 of the 22 countries in the Pacific Islands. The Lord’s church has been planted with 67 congregations and hundreds have been baptized. PIBC trains leaders, preachers, teachers and soul-winning. There continue to be many opportunities. More continues to be done in training native workers for the Lord!

WHY PIBC?… This is a tuition free school of Bible-based instructions designed to prepare Christians, soul-winners, teachers, preachers, elders and deacons to be more effective servants in the Lord’s church. Students are able to take courses in the classroom, by DVD or correspondence. Students never have to leave their country to learn. Workshops and campaigns are also carried out with the local congregations.

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Raji Stephan (ISRAEL)

Raji is an Israeli missionary who was born & raised in Jerusalem.  He originally obtained a B.A. in Accounting from Arab University for his formal education but later obtained a Diploma in Bible from the Middle East Bible Training College.  Raji began aiding a newly planted missionary in 1970 by translating his English to Arabic.  From that time on, he began to actively preach in Arabic starting in Bethlehem and then branching out to other parts of the Jerusalem area.  He currently resides in Jordan living with his wife Josephine and daughter.

In 1989, the missionary which Raji had formerly assisted returned to the United States, but Raji continued the work that had been started.  His focus today is specifically on the West Bank & Jerusalem where about 99% of the population practices Islam.  Raji leads five home bible studies each week, along with a bi-weekly outdoor Bible study in the town of Nablus.  These studies are focused upon overall teachings of the Bible, with supplemental correspondence courses also being made available.

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Reynaldo Dominguez (NICARAGUA)

The church at Buford has long been invested in the work of the Lord in Nicaragua, specifically in the town of Leon. In 2017, Reynaldo Dominguez and his family began working with the congregation there.  Through the efforts of Reynaldo and the congregation, the church has grown both spiritually and numerically.

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Robert Martin (Pacific Islands)

Robert (Fiji), supported by his wife Mary, began working in the Pacific in 1973. They have trained 15 missionaries, most of them working in the Pacific.

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Scott Tominey (Scotland)

Scott is an Evangelist and full-time minister of the Church of Christ in Perth.

scotttomineyOverview . . . Scott has been involved with planting a congregation in Perth, where he has moved and is working as a full-time minister as of 2016. He is also majoring in ministry with the Applied Preacher Training (APT) program, developed in Cumbernauld. He has a BA Political Science degree from Glasgow University. He is from Glasgow Scotland. Scott serves the church through conducting weekly Bible studies, preaching, leading Bible classes, working with Perth Council members and the food bank, managing the weekly Connections Youth Club, taking teens to youth weekends, and so much more!

The Church of Christ in Perth family consists of 12 members and they have regular visitors from the youth club they sponsor weekly as outreach. The church body continues to grow spiritually, sow the seed in the community and experiences God providing the increase. Your continued prayers for the members and the studies they have going on with several adults and youth is appreciated. They continue to set godly examples, despite the challenging “religious” mindset of the Scottish people.

Perth Youth Club began in February 2015, so young people in the community may be given an opportunity to be involved in a positive program. He has up to 35 youth participating. The Christians that work with the Youth Club continue to show the love of God and encourage the youth and their families to attend worship with the Perth congregation on Sundays.

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Southern Africa Bible College (SABC)

Buford has been supporting SABC and Jerry Hogg, an instructor, lectureship coordinator and dorm parent at SABC, since 2007. The sole purpose of Southern Africa Bible College is to bring Christ to Africa by means of highly trained graduates who are dedicated, well-versed and sound in the scriptures. They train local men to preach the gospel to their own people as summed up by Paul in II Timothy 2:2, “The things which you have heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

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Stacy Ferguson (FIJI)

Stacey Ferguson (Fiji), supported by his wife Kathy, began working in the Pacific in 1996 and have been full-time since 2005. He recruits teachers, develops textbooks and travels to teach courses.


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Truth for today world mission school

Truth for Today, located in Searcy, Arkansas, is a multifaceted non-profit organization dedicated to world evangelism. The primary focus of Truth for Today World Mission School, a monthly publication called Truth for Today, is designed to address the need of global printed material. This publication is sent to tens of thousands of preachers and Bible teachers.  Translating offices have been established in Brazil, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, and Ukraine. Specific content guidelines have been set to ensure that the teaching materials are in harmony with the restoration of New Testament Christianity. The school is the multi-language printed preacher’s school for preachers and teachers in 145 countries of the world.