Mission Trips

Mission Trips


The Buford congregation supports many mission efforts. Part of that support is sending members into the Mission fields to support the work in that part of the world. The elders, along with the deacons that oversee these efforts, plan the mission trips and support those that go. Contact one of our Missions leadership to get involved. Prayers for our mission teams is also appreciated.

2021 Mission Trips

To be announced and will depend on travel restrictions.

2020 Mission Trips . . .

Due to COVID-19, our mission trips were suspended. Online options allowed us to encourage these efforts.

2019 Mission Trips . . .


At the end of May and into early June, 3 of our team (Todd and Pam Newman & Kyle and Sara Rye) headed to Perth Scotland to support and encourage the members of the Perth Church of Christ. They led men/women Bible study sessions during the weekday.  At the weekly Youth club (30 youth) they extended the club nightly for more lessons and activities. On Saturday at the end of the week, the Buford team held a Scotland area-wide S.O.S. (Seek Out Souls) University for members of the church. This workshop will help equip the members for evangelism. There were also other opportunities to strengthen and encourage the Perth congregation during this visit. Scott Tominey continues to be the full-time evangelist in Perth. Continue to pray for them as they seek to reach the people of Perth.

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June 6-21, a team of 8 (Stan Burnette, Jennifer Fancher, and the Howard family (James III, Christi, Abigail, Hannah, James IV, and Hayley) will be serving Susana Homes in Nigeria. There will be several areas of focus during the visit. 

  • The two weekends are to have Stan and the Jameses presenting selected Authentic Manhood lessons to leaders of several area congregations. These leaders will be provided with the videos and workbooks to then lead the men of their own congregations through a 36 week study using the material.
  • James III’s sister, Tonya Howard, is a nurse practitioner who will work with Christi (a newly minted nurse) and Abigail to provide health services on the compound and in the local village. They will also give practical training in the new Care Institute. This advanced certification program hopes to educate health care givers with both theoretical and hands-on training to care for those in need with scientific knowledge and the heart of Christ.
  • James III is to set up a computer lab for the Care Institute with tablets donated by Allen Read. This lab will specifically have advanced health and nursing videos and material. Jennifer and Hayley, both teachers, will be working with both the teachers and students of the Right Steps School. They will model teaching best practices, especially working with the special needs students.
  • On the weekdays Stan and the Jameses are to work with the young men on developing leadership skills in worship.
  • We will have 30 smoke detectors to install in the sleeping areas thanks to Greg Hunsinger. This will address a major safety concern in the dorms and staff quarters.
  • James IV will be continuing his metal working education effort from 2012 and 14 with the introduction of rocket stove plans. With a new grinder and old welder provided by Buford, the students should be able to mass produce the fuel efficient stoves for sale to the local community.

2018 Mission Trips . . .


March 2018 – One of our elders, Todd Newman, represented the Buford congregation on an evaluation trip to Southern Africa Bible College (SABC), March 15 – 25, 2018. He joined a small group of men from 4 other congregations. As many might know, Buford has been supporting SABC and Jerry Hogg, an instructor, lectureship coordinator and dorm parent at SABC, since 2007. The last representatives from Buford to visit SABC were James and James IV Howard back in 2009 as part of a multi-African country trip to visit 3 areas of work. During this trip they enjoyed working with the current students, attending classes at the school, living in the dorms, and visiting SABC graduates working in multiple congregations in and around Johannesburg/Cape Town.  View SABC Mission Trip Update


June 2018 – The Buford congregation has long been invested in the support of our brethren in Central America.  On June 8, nine members of our church family departed to join a group of Christians working with Latin American Missions to provide medical and spiritual care in the area of Nauta, Peru.  Through meeting the medical needs of the people of Nauta, doors will be opened to assist with their most pressing need – a relationship with our Creator.  Please pray for the people of Nauta and the surrounding area, for Latin American Missions who is overseeing this evangelistic effort, and for our nine brethren who are devoted to taking the good news “into all the world”.  Those participating in this effort are:  Scott Sitton, Kim Sitton, Amber Sitton, Greg Hunsinger, Monica Whitesides, Hallie Whitesides, Jennifer Fancher, John Owens, and Emmaline Maugeri.

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July 2018 – The campaign took place in Perth, Scotland the first week of July. The Perth congregation continues to grow in small numbers since the November 2014 start, and the youth club is now up to 30 weekly. The preacher is Scott Tominey, who we support as a missionary, is currently completing his Preaching School studies in the ACT program. The Perth campaign consisted of devotionals, morning Bible coffee shop studies, surveying and inviting youth/families to HBC (Holiday Bible Class) and gospel meetings in the city centre, conducting afternoon HBC sessions (Mon -Thu) and Youth Club activities in the late afternoon and a gospel meeting in the evening. They worked side-by-side with members from the Cumbernauld and Perth congregations who support Scott. Please pray for this effort and team of youth/adults.

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September 2018 – The church at Buford has long been invested in the work of the Lord in Nicaragua, specifically in the town of Leon. Last year, Reynaldo Dominguez and his family began working with the congregation there.  Through the efforts of Reynaldo and the congregation, the church has grown both spiritually and numerically.  Please be mindful of the church at Azarias and for their country during this difficult time.  Pray for peace so that the people there can feel safe and secure and so that our ability to return to encourage and edify our brethren can come to fruition.